Puppy Gruel Ingredients

I had a question from my friend jodistone-Life with Sampson and Delilah….The 411, she wanted to know what is in puppy gruel. Since I have been so rushed these days I neglected to explain that in my last post so I figured I would do a follow-up on the ingredients. Basically it is puppy food watered down until it becomes mush, I heat water in a tea kettle so I don’t have to wait as long for it to soften, then I mash it all up and add a little baby (human) rice cereal, mix it well and serve it warm. Tonight I had class until 8:30p so by time I got home and put things together I didn’t want to wait for it to get mushy on it’s own so I put the hot water on it waited about 10 minutes and threw it in the blender, this worked very well. So there you have it mmmmm, yummy Winking smile

Puppy Gruel

Yesterday I introduced the pups to solid food…puppy gruel. I put the bowl down in the box and the big guy lifted his head sniffing the air and walked right over and  started licking at it and then started to really suck it down Smile The others slowly did the same except for the little girl she just kept licking the edge of the bowl and the big guys face, he’s her bud, but finally I was able to get her to dive in by putting some on my fingers and gradually moving her closer to the bowl. Once she had the idea she had her whole body almost in the bowl. It was quite a sight to watch them, my nephew and I laughed at how some of them literally dove in once they had the taste and others were a little neater about it, and I do mean just a little.