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I did not get a post up last week for This ‘N That Thursday and Follow-up Friday, some of you know because of that wonderful social media facebook that Cheyenne has been very sick.

It started with her not eating, this all by itself for a meal or two is not uncommon for Cheyenne but to refuse canned dog food is highly unusual. So after a day and a half of this I put her on a bland diet of white rice and strained baby food meat to see if I could get something in her. She did eat this but I could tell she was just not herself, she didn’t get up on the bed with me at all and when Maia would fly by her she seemed very unsteady on her feet. Her temp was slightly elevated, she was drinking profuse amounts of water and urinating A LOT, even to the point of having accidents in the house, and she was not her clingy self.

Monday I took her to my vet, Dr McAllister, we weighed her and she has lost 12 pounds since last year, which is a lot since she was not over weight in the first place. She did a CBC, which showed her white blood count was very high, sodium was very low, as well as her electrolytes. She suspected she may have one of two things, Pyometra or Addison’s Disease. She ruled out the pyometra with an ultrasound and x-ray so she then took more blood to specifically check for Addison’s. This test had to be sent out to a lab, the first half of the blood test result came back today and is negative; I am still waiting to hear on the second half.

Dr McAllister said normally she would hospitalize a dog in Cheyenne’s condition but she said since I was good at nursing the dogs (that made me feel very good) she would leave it up to me if I wanted to do that. If I chose to take her home I had to try to get chicken broth into her so her sodium would come up. I did opt for bringing her home, Cheyenne does not do well being away from me and to do that to her when she was feeling poorly and in a strange place overnight without me I felt would have been more detrimental to her health.

So I brought her home with Amoxicillin, Prednisone and Fludrocortisone Acetate to treat her for Addison’s pending the results of the blood test. I was able to get plenty of chicken broth along with her bland diet in her and I could get her to take her medication by wrapping it in a piece of meat. She slowly started to show improvement by the second day, and last night she was perky and wanting to eat so I started to reintroduce her kibble in to the rice diet. The drinking and urination have returned to almost normal and she is her usual mouthy self. Hopefully we will be able to find out why things got so out of whack and get weight back on her. She said no photos until she is looking herself again Winking smile

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Thank You!

I just want to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone for all the well wishes and prayers for Titan. Your kind words and concern are very much appreciated. The pups saw Dr. McAllister today for their vaccinations and not only could she not believe how big they are getting but how good Titan’s eye looked, it is completely normal now. Sorry I didn’t get a picture today.

God Bless all of you!

Riva Update Day 2

Still no puppies so I had started to worry a little…no a lot! I called my vets office at 8:30am and they in turn called Dr. McAllister to see what she wanted to do; within ten minutes they called back and asked if I could be there by 9:30am for an ultrasound. I assumed that Dr. Adler would be doing the procedure since she is the Dr. on staff today but to my surprise Dr. McAllister came in to do it and discuss our options. The ultrasound looked good, all puppies are viable and they really didn’t care for the buzzing of the ultrasound because they really started moving and trying to get away. She also did a pelvic exam and there is a puppy right at the pelvis and the others are moving up and back into position. So at this point we will wait through today and see if she progresses to full labor and starts to deliver these little babies on her own.


Poor baby had to have her belly shaved for the ultrasound, she was a very good girl for everything!