Just a quick update on Riva, she is doing much better from the mastitis, the lump in her breast is pretty much gone and she has not had any elevated temps since last week. We pretty much have the puppies weaned; she will only let them nurse for a couple minutes, those sharp little teeth hurt so it is time to dry up the well Winking smile

The pups turned 4 weeks old this past Monday and they are growing by leaps and bounds. My good friend Michelle over at Dusty Rose Chesapeakes came over to  visit with the puppies, she is the owner of the sire “Albert” After we played with the pups she helped me with pictures, I wanted to get some of them stacked which is hard to do at this age because they just want to keep moving but we managed to get some pretty decent ones.


Boy 1


Boy 2


Girl 1


Boy 3


Girl 2


Boy 4


Boy 5

What a Day!!

It’s been a very busy day, had to take Riva to the vet’s this morning. It started two days ago when Riva ate breakfast just fine but wouldn’t eat the rest of the day…well not her food anyway but gladly accepted goodies. Then at about 11:30pm, we were getting settled for bed when I noticed Riva felt really hot so I took her temp and it was 104 degrees. A dogs normal temp is between 101-102, so I spent the rest of the night checking on her but by morning it was normal and she started eating again. I just figured she may have gotten into the garbage while I was at work and ate something she shouldn’t. As the day went on I did keep an eye on her temp; it remained normal. By late evening I had checked her mammary’s because one looked a bit red, I discovered the second to last one on her right side had a hard golf ball sized area. I checked to see if the milk was normal color and at first it seemed it was but when I checked a little later there was some discoloration. My first thought was Mastitis, this is an inflammation of a mammary with a blocked duct and can be very serious; so I put warm compress’s on it through the rest of the night and called my vet first thing this  morning. Dr. Adler gave her a thorough exam and confirmed that she suspected the same and it was a good thing I caught it so soon and didn’t wait until Monday. So she put her on antibiotics, said to continue the warm compress’s  three times a day and to let the puppies nurse but keep an eye on things and I may need to express that mammary myself; which I have done and it is quite icky. She goes back for a re-check in ten days.


Sisterly Love!

Once we got home from the vet and running to the store I decided it was time to get the puppies out of the whelping box and into a bit larger accommodations. Especially since I have an escape artist; the little dark brown girl keeps getting out of the box and when I walk in my room I either find her sitting there looking up at me as if to say “oh there you are” or I see a little tail sticking out from under the bed. With the help of my nephew we rearranged the dining room and set up one x-pen for now. I wiped each one off with a nice warm damp towel and then handed them to my nephew to put in their new home; thought we would start things off nice and fresh but they had other thoughts…yep peed and pooped all over in less than five minutes LOL!


Our new Condo!

Will She Ever Have Her Girlie Figure Again?


It is official, Riva is no longer nursing! I know she is probably happy about this but she is so full of milk she is uncomfortable, poor baby. I will be glad when she dries up so she can start to get her tuck up back. I tried bringing one pup at a time in my room to sit on the bed with us to play and get lovins but as soon as they see her they think food. They become very squirmy and just want to get to Riva so back to the pen they go and at this point she wants nothing to do with the whole nursing thing; SHE IS DONE! Maybe after a few more days they will get past it…not Eye rolling smile

I will probably have to have her stay out of my room while I bring pups in.

Thankful she seems to be 100% now from the mastitis. She has her last dose of antibiotics tomorrow and then a re-check on Friday.