Ro-Lyns Lil Riva Dancin For TT

July 31, 2005

CH Tealwaters Timberdoodle Song X CH Ro-Lyns Mtn Dreams Echoing


Riva is my eternal puppy. I don’t think she will ever act like an old dog 😉   She loves to romp and play with her squeaky toys and she is the baby of the family, the cuddler and lover. She loves everyone and is quite the mooch and counter surfer, we need to work on that! Overall she has a very pleasing temperament and a wonderful Chessie smile!

Our history includes conformation, she really liked doing this but isn’t real patient if the class is large and she has to wait for very long. We have done brace at DKC COBO in 2010 placing 1st and at St.Clair 2010 also placing 1st.                                              

Riva is Maia and Titan’s mom.

Riva and Cheyenne Best Brace in Breed 2010 at the DKC show


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