Day 40

Well it is now day 40 and I do believe she is pregnant. Things are starting to change with her body that are good indications of pregnancy. I called and scheduled her x-ray with a reproduction specialist, Dr. Schultz, for September 12, at 1:30pm; that will be day 54. Hoping he sees some babies in there!

Now a little tattle on Riva, yesterday we had a fair well dinner at church for one of the families that is moving away; when we do this everyone brings a dish to pass so I brought my Sloppy Joes and Oatmeal Butterscotch Bar Cookies. There were probably about a half batch of the cookies left that I brought back home, which equates to about 2 dozen give or take, well my little counter surfer decided she needed some cookies and tore through the saran wrap and ate not one or two but the entire thing! Needless to say she wasn’t hungry for dinner and thankfully it did not make her sick. I hope she doesn’t pass her counter surfing gene on to her offspring 😉