The weekend of June 2-3 was our annual Chesapeake Fun Weekend. On Saturday we had a lot of activities for the dogs but one in particular was not only interesting but fun to try.

We had a Shed Hunt presentation and demonstration. Our presenter, Alberta Hoikke, was knowledgeable, and she and her dog, Sniper, have been doing very well in this sport.  She explained things thoroughly, and answered all our questions.

Alberta says…

Shed hunting is a fun sport for you and your dog. It adds another season for the hunting dog you already own and is a great way to keep your dog tuned up and in shape. You can easily train your dog for competition (UKC Elite Shed Dog or North American Shed Hunting Dog Association) and/or every day shed hunting. The competitions are family friendly and the training helps make your retriever a multipurpose dog and very versatile working dog companion. No special equipment is needed, just some old antlers you probably have lying around.

ACC Michigan Fun Weekend 2018 (207)

After the presentation she and Sniper gave us a live demonstration. The sheds are placed throughout the field (the dog does not know where) and the dog has to find them and return each one to their handler. .ACC Michigan Fun Weekend 2018 (257)ACC Michigan Fun Weekend 2018 (270)ACC Michigan Fun Weekend 2018 (280)

After the live demonstration we were able to give it a try. Titan enjoyed himself and caught on quickly to what he was supposed to do. IMG-1373IMG-1374IMG-1380

So if you’re looking for something fun to try with your pooch, check this out!

Tina & the Brown Dogs

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