Another Trip To The Vet

Okay first I would like to thank our friend Jodi for leaving me a message inquiring about me since I haven’t been around for a while; that was so sweet. I am okay I’ve just been very busy with the dogs/puppies, work, dogs/puppies, school, dogs/puppies…do you see a trend hereLaughing out loud

Second, I had to take Maia to the vet today to have her left front leg checked out. It started a couple days ago when I heard her yelp and then she was limping and favoring that leg. I kept an eye on her the next couple days and she seemed fine but then last night as I was getting everyone ready to go down for the night she yelped again and ran from the other dogs and was holding the foot up. I checked her over thoroughly again and couldn’t see anything and after a couple minutes she seemed fine again. Well this continued off and on throughout the rest of the night and this morning; a yelp then a limp and favoring that leg then after a few minutes just fine. So off to the vet we went this morning to get it checked out; Dr Adler checked her over and did some ROM (range of motion) on the left leg and it appears to be in her shoulder. She probably did something to it while rough housing with Titan. She is on crate rest for the next few days with pain medication (Carprofen 75mg) once a day; if it doesn’t improve she will have to go back in for x-rays to see what is going on.    Dr Adler didn’t want to do them now because she wanted to start with a less invasive treatment since in order to get good views she will have to really manipulate the shoulder which is not comfortable for a dog especially a puppy so they have to be sedated.

I’m hoping with the crate rest and pain med she will be much better in the next few days. It is going to be interesting with a puppy on crate rest who would rather be running and romping with her brother. I will keep everyone posted on her progress.


Waiting to be seen


Checking things out


Is it my turn yet mom


After her exam

What a Morning!

It was a very stressful morning! I let the puppies out to play for a bit and it had hardly been ten minutes when I heard a “something is wrong” scream from one of the pups. When I got to the door and opened it Maia came running but Titan didn’t and it looked like he had his head stuck but when I approached him I could see it wasn’t his head it was his eyelid. It looked like he had been digging along the bottom of the fence and some how a piece of the chain link fence broke and it was hooked in his eyelid. Needless to say I was panicked but I knew if I didn’t remain calm he would start to freak out, so I just talked to him calmly and tried to work him free. Amazingly he was pretty calm considering and  after a couple of attempts I was able to get him free of the wire; I scooped him up and raced in the house to call my vet to let them know I needed to come now. I could see the left eyelid swelling quickly but could not tell if he had injured his eye too. We arrived at the vets within fifteen minutes of the call and  Dr Adler saw us right away; of course he is a puppy and squirmy so in order to get a good look at what was going on she put some numbing drops in his eye  and while we waited for those to take affect she gave him a thorough exam. After examining the eyeball she said she didn’t see any scratches and it looked good; the only damage was on the eyelid itself and considering the way the wire was hooked it was not that bad. Some pain medication and antibiotic ointment and he should be good as new.


My poor baby!!

In order to try to prevent any further incidence my brother and I went to Home Depot and bought some plastic lattice to attach around the chain link fence. It is a temporary fix just to get us through the winter. This is what it looks like now.


This was the corner where it happened, you can see a small gate behind the lattice and at the bottom is where he was hooked on the wire.


Our First Vaccination

At seven weeks old the pups were scheduled to get their first vaccination and a health check. Now I didn’t bring all seven in at once, I did three, then four and my nephew went with me to help carry pups in and out. Ellen, a veterinary assistant, weighed the pups and set us up in the room, she gave me a huge compliment about how organized I am with the pups and how I know who is who. Of course I thanked her and said “well that is so nice of you to say”, she said “you would be surprised how many people come in with litters of puppies and can’t tell who is who and get them mixed up even as they are being vaccinated”. I of course had that fear even though I know each pup that when I put their individual collars on I also went t back and numbered each collar just to be sure Winking smile I love talking with Ellen and I found out she is a wonderful artist too, see the background in the pictures, well she did that. The whole office is done with beautiful artwork on the walls.

Dog faceDr. AdlerCat face saw us and she is so wonderful, she took her time with each one and gave them a thorough going over. She said they all looked great. I took my camera along in hopes to get pictures and although she said she is not very photogenic (which she is) if I had my heart set on it she would let me take a picture of her with each pup.

1 (4)

2 (2)

3 (2)

4 (2)

5 (2)

6 (2)

7 (2)

Our First Vet Visit

I just love, love, love these babies!

They went for their first outing yesterday…to the vet clinic so they could have their dew claws removed and a check up. The staff just kept oooing and awing over them (I find myself doing that too) and Corie, the vet tech, just kept snuggling them to her neck and loving on them. Riva also had a physical exam just to make sure everything is the way it should be. Everyone passed inspection and Dr. Adler said they are very healthy fat babies and Riva looks good.

Today I clipped everyone’s little needle nails; poor
Riva they were digging into her but she never moved or flinched she just laid there calmly letting them nurse. She is being such a good mama Smile

They are growing so fast, all of them have put on between 1/4 and 1/2 pound since Monday and I could swear the deadgrass boys are almost double in size Winking smile


A little help please


Four little piggy’s all in a row


I love you mama!