Follow-up Friday ~ June 14, 2013

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Thanks Jodi!


This ‘N That Thursday

Thank you for the kind words regarding Hailee, she is much better now and when I asked her yesterday if she thought she could handle Riva for conformation training Saturday she said “OH YEA” she is a trooper!


Wordless Wednesday ~ Ready-Set-Go

Paws and Pedals asked…

“What’s on the collar? Some sort of training device??”

Thank you for asking, yes this is a training collar called an e-collar (electronic collar). This is a wonderful tool when doing our retriever training as long as it is used properly. A dog must be collar conditioned before you can use an e-collar, using collar corrections on lead for obedience commands the dog already knows; this teaches the dog the invisible connection between the dog and the handler that the collar provides. As with any training tool it is wise to seek the assistance of a professional to assure you are using the equipment properly. I am very fortunate I have the privilege of working with great trainers.

Heart Like A Dog (@HeartLikeADog) said

“What a good boy!! His training is coming along nicely.”

He is Jodi, and I am so excited to see him at a hunt test. I hope to be entering him in the next couple of months. He is such a great boy Smile


Black and White Sunday

Edited version…

BeFunky_Cheyenne June 2013 (1).jpg


Cheyenne June 2013 (1)

Sand Spring Chesapeakes asked…

“Is that cotton wood blooms in the water?”

SUGAR: Golden Woofs asked…

“Is it raining?”

tarynft asked…

“What’s floating on the water?”

Sand Spring Chesapeakes you guessed it, cottonwood blooms. They were everywhere that day, I don’t think I have ever seen that many and so thick before. It was just like snow in 70 degree weather Winking smile


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This “N That Thursday

Today we are joining our friends over at 2 Brown Dawgs for This ‘N That Thursday’s blog hop!

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“A little of this and a little of that and everything in between…

Shew, I thought I was going to miss This ‘N That Thursday. I am so far behind this week with all my blogging and a whole bunch of other things but I won’t bore you will all that Winking smile


I was able to get out to finally see my boy and he is doing great. Dave has him working on his “sit to the pile”, this I where a pile of bumpers are placed out a several yards and the idea is for the dog to be sent and on his way to the pile the trainer blows the whistle for the dog to stop, sit and look at him for further instructions. This is all part of the training leading up to T work, (more on that in another post); Titan did very well with this, I was so proud of him. Below are photos in sequence on how this looks in action…

Chesapeake Bay Retriever ~ Misty Shores Titan (12)


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You will have to come back tomorrow to find out who my 10 will be. Since I am so far behind in getting back to your lovely comments you have left for me all week I will be answering those in my post tomorrow also. See ya then Smile

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This 'N That 3

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This ‘N That Thursday

Today we are joining 2 Brown Dawgs for their This ‘N That Thursday’s blog hop!

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This 'N That 3

Ah where to start today’s post…well first I guess I will talk about the show Maia and I went to last weekend. We arrived nice and early so Maia could get settled in, this helps her to get over her jitters Winking smile I fill my pocket with plenty of bait, also known as treats, so we can walk around and have people pet her and treat her. By the time it is our ring time she is usually pretty settled but then we walk in the ring and she gets just a tad nervous. Just our luck this time we were first in the line up, so that means when we move around the ring Maia thinks all the other dogs are chasing her. She is getting better about this but it will just take practice, a lot of practice! Now with that being said, over all she did very well, I can see so much improvement in her since we began last year.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever ~ Misty Shores Maia show

In this photo you can see I have her stacked pretty good, her front legs are under her and the rear is stretched back so the hock and pastern are perpendicular to the ground; and yeah she has her ears forward!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever ~ Misty Shores Maia show 1

And then the judge approaches to do his exam and that begins my post for tomorrow so come on back and I will tell you all the things wrong with this…

Now on to Titan, he looks amazing and Dave is doing such a great job training him. My brother and I arrived at Michelle and Dave’s house and Dave brought Titan in, at first he strolled in pretty nonchalant and I have to tell you my heart sunk, I thought oh no he forgot us! But then I started to talk to him and he came to life, leaping and jumping around rubbing on us; he was beside himself and I was a happy camper. He took turns between me and my brother getting plenty of rubs and loves!

They showed us a little basic retrieving but we were having such torrential down pours it was hard to do much; he was able to do a couple retrieves and Michelle got some really great action shots.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever ~ Misty Shores Titan (16)Chesapeake Bay Retriever ~ Misty Shores Titan (19)Chesapeake Bay Retriever ~ Misty Shores Titan (18)

Look mom I got my bumper!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever ~ Misty Shores Titan (9)1

This shot and the next one I love, love, love!! He is just flying through the puddles kicking up that water!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever ~ Misty Shores Titan (7)1

You can really see the rain starting to come down again in this one but that isn’t going to stop him!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever ~ Misty Shores Titan (6)Chesapeake Bay Retriever ~ Misty Shores Titan (8)Chesapeake Bay Retriever ~ Misty Shores Titan (11)

Come back tomorrow to find out more about how training is going Smile

So that wraps it up for today, why don’t you hop on over to 2 Brown Dawgs see what their up to and grab the badge and join the hopping fun!


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Three Handed Casts

This last week Dave (Titan’s trainer) showed me what they had been working on the last couple of days; three handed casts. Dave started with three piles of bumpers, one to the left, one to the right and one straight out, sorry I didn’t think to get photos of the set up before they began, I was too excited to see my boy work! I did get this one though so you have an idea…

Bumper pile

Casts are simply put “handling” What you are teaching the dog is to run or swim in the direction of your hand signals. I have to say I was so impressed with Dave and Titan I just kept shooting photos! Dave keeps it short and simple and uses repetition so the dog gets the idea and keeps the idea, you know what they say practice makes perfect!

They did a left over cast, sending Titan to the bumper pile to the left, notice Dave is simply signaling with his left hand straight out to his side…

Left Over Cast

That is a whistle Dave is using, one blast and the dog is supposed to sit and wait for his cast (direction) to be given. This is very effective when your dog is out in the field for long or blind marks so you can stop them and handle your dog to the bird.

Good Boy

Then they did right over casts, sending Titan to the bumper pile on the right I didn’t get a photo of Dave giving the cast but it’s just the opposite of the left over cast…

Pick up from right cast

Nice return

Then Titan was sent on what is called a cast back, sending your dog straight away from you, these can be a little more difficult to teach but this boy nailed it considering they had only been working on casts for a couple of days.



Back Cast

Rearing to go

He's off

He’s off

Picking up bumper

That’s it

Good Retrieve

Here I come

Good Boy (2)


All of this took place in approximately 15 minutes, you don’t want to work too long as most dogs will become bored, and you always want to end on a positive note.

I bet you thought by the title I was going to talk about broken bones Winking smile


Titan Update

I have been looking forward to Friday all week because this is the day I get to see my boy after two weeks. I wondered as I was driving to Dave and Michelle’s house if Titan would be as excited to see me as I am to see him…he was!     10

After loving on him for a bit we all went back to the pond to get him in for a swim and have him retrieve the bumper.


7-6-12 First Day Swimming



We did this for a little bit as it was just to hot to work for very long so I got in some more loving time while he rested a bit then Dave showed me what they have been working on.


This is an obedience dumbbell that he is using to teach Titan to hold. 8 The dogs must learn to be very consistent with their hold so they do not drop or leave their birds in the field or water and they do not release it until you tell them too; as you can see he is progressing nicely with this.

They are also working on picking the bumper off the ground to hold and will be moving onto walking hold over the next week.

Titan really seems to enjoy working, he was happy to see me but was thrilled to retrieve the bumper! I may be a little jealous Winking smile

And now for his Elvis impersonation9