Wordless Wednesday ~ Will I Ever Get My Girlie Figure Back


Their Here!

We welcomed Albert X Riva babies into the world on September 26, 2011.

Riva had a very long day of delivering puppies, these little guys did not want to leave their nice cozy home. First puppy, a  brown male, was born at 5:25am; so my friend and I thought great here we go she will probably be done by noonish. Boy were we surprised when 7 hours later puppy #2 was born, a  light dead grass male.

I had been in constant contact with my vet when she was approaching four hours and still no puppy because we had never had any of the girls take this long to deliver between puppies, so to say I was freaking out is an under statement!  Dr. McAllister asked me three questions, is she in active labor, has the water broke, is she in distress, I said no she is laying here sleeping. She said she was not worried at this point and Riva’s body knows what it is doing. In the mean time my friend Robin, who had been up all night with me finally had to leave at 10 am to go to work, but my friend Michelle over at Dusty Rose Chesapeakes called to see how it was going and said she would probably be over later, thank goodness since I  thought we might be heading for a c-section. When it was almost noon and still nothing I called Dr. McAllister again and she said if she doesn’t have another one by 1pm come right in. So I started getting ready, packing towels and the warming box figuring she would have to have a c-section. I headed to the bathroom to brush my hair and Cheyenne and Riva followed me as they always do but Riva left and I assumed she just went back to the whelping box. Well much to my surprise when I came back to the dining room there was Riva cleaning up puppy #2, she had him right on the dining room floor, this was at 12:45pm.

Again we started a long wait, my vets office called several times to see how things were going and of course all I could say was “SLOW”. At 5:38pm puppy #3 was born, a brown female. So we settled in figuring she would not deliver again for several more hours but at 6:13pm puppy #4 arrived and 15 minutes later #5 came. The next three puppies were born about an hour and half apart. Finally by 10:50pm she was done. It was a very long day but Riva did a great job delivering and cleaning up her babies.

So here they are



and here is Aunt Cheyenne, I don’t think she has adjusted to being an aunt yet, notice the worry droolWinking smile


Riva Update Day 2

Still no puppies so I had started to worry a little…no a lot! I called my vets office at 8:30am and they in turn called Dr. McAllister to see what she wanted to do; within ten minutes they called back and asked if I could be there by 9:30am for an ultrasound. I assumed that Dr. Adler would be doing the procedure since she is the Dr. on staff today but to my surprise Dr. McAllister came in to do it and discuss our options. The ultrasound looked good, all puppies are viable and they really didn’t care for the buzzing of the ultrasound because they really started moving and trying to get away. She also did a pelvic exam and there is a puppy right at the pelvis and the others are moving up and back into position. So at this point we will wait through today and see if she progresses to full labor and starts to deliver these little babies on her own.


Poor baby had to have her belly shaved for the ultrasound, she was a very good girl for everything!

Riva Update

I just want to give everyone a quick update on Riva, well it turns out that was not her water breaking, she just wet on herself. So we are at day 65 from the first breeding and I am still waiting for her to go into full blown labor! I have been in contact with my vet and she says she is still in the early stages and wants to wait at least through today before considering anything drastic such as a C-Section. The temp is holding at about 99 degrees and she is doing some nesting and panting. I can feel the babies moving and she is not in any distress, no funky discharge, so all that is a good thing. I will keep you posted and thank you to all for your concern.

The Whelping Area

It is now day 59 and Riva’s temp has been up and down. She was seen by her vet Dr. McAllister (who we just love) on Thursday and she didn’t think she would make it to day 63, she was leaning toward this weekend; I guess time will tell. She is starting to feel a little uncomfortable, you can see from the pictures why, and you can see in the second picture she isn’t to happy with me and the picture taking

100_2603 100_2606 

No loss of appetite yet, in fact if Cheyenne isn’t quick enough Riva eats half of hers too Smile 

I finally put the whelping box together, a big thank you to our very good friend Jan for letting us borrow it. Took me a little longer than I thought it would and I still have to fasten the pig rails in place (these help keep mom from rolling on the babies and smothering them, but it is basically done! I think I am finally ready physically but mentally well…I’m  just a little nervous, hope I don’t let my girl down!





                                        The Supplies


This is the warming box, there is a heating pad on one end  so if the pups get to warm they can move away from the heat. We use this for the puppies while mom is giving birth to the next one.

Maybe our next post will be the birth, only Riva and Mother Nature know when that will be Winking smile