What’s In A Name

Our friends over at 2 brown dawgs left a a comment on our Wordless Wednesday ~ New Editions post wondering if I would be doing a post on why I picked the names for the pups, so here goes…

MISTY SHORES THE GREAT TITAN OF RO-LYNS; the call name Titan was actually my nephews idea and then together we came up with the registered name. In Greek Mythology Titans are one of a family of giants so since this guy has always been bigger than the other puppies we thought the name fit. For the registered name I hope to do great things with this guy and Ro-Lyns is my dear friends kennel name that  I co-breed with. Without her I would have never met my first Chessie twenty two years ago or been owned by my first Chessie, which by the way she gave me for my birthday in 1993.

MISTY SHORES MAIA ECHOING DREAMS OF RO-LYNS; the call name Maia is also from Greek mythology, she was the daughter of Atlas and the mother of Hermes which none of that had any bearing on my choice I just like the name and the spelling. Now the registered name has a great deal of sentiment behind it! I had been thinking of names since before Riva was bred for the little girl I hoped she would produce but nothing seemed to fit her once she was here. The other night I was thinking about Riva’s mother “Echo” who went over the rainbow bridge last year. I thought if it weren’t for Echo I wouldn’t have Riva or these precious little babies and then Maia’s registered just hit me, I should use part of her grandmothers registered name, CH Ro-lyns Mtn Dreams Echoing. So I played around with Dreams and Echoing until I had a good fit, so Maia’s name is a special remembrance of her grandmother.

So there you have it!

More Outside Play

My friend and co-breeder came over to see the puppies last night for the first time. She was able to see the first puppy born but since Riva decided to take her time having babies she had to leave before she saw all of them born so she was pretty excited to see them before they go to their new homes. We took them outside for play time, it was a bit brisk but they didn’t seem to mind but my hands were like ice cubes. She loved them all and thought it was a very successful breeding.


Today was so beautiful I took them outside for a few hours, they had a blast! some of them were starting to get tired so I brought them in but the big deadgrass boy had a fit, he was screaming and whining because he wanted to stay outside.