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Misty Shores Chesapeake Bay Retrievers (45)Misty Shores Chesapeake Bay Retrievers (19)

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Tina and the Brown Dogs

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Merrick Backcountry Dog Treats Review

Today Misty Shores is reviewing Merrick Backcountry Wild Prairie Real Chicken Sausage Cuts Dog Treats for Chewy.comMerrickTreatReview..

Some things about Merrick that I found most appealing are they were founded in 1988 by Garth Merrick and his family.

“Our faith, family, and country have always been at the core of what our company is about. It was true when we started, and it’s still the same today.”


They also have a Five Star Guarantee!

We’ll go to great lengths to make the best food ever, but we’ll never go to China for our ingredients. At Merrick, we only use local growers we know and trust. We buy fresh ingredients like real chicken, beef and sweet potatoes from family farms across the country, all four seasons of the year. And, we do it with fewer distributors and warehouses, so those ingredients make their way from farm to bowl faster and fresher.

In this day and age, it is nice to find a company you can trust with your pet’s nutritional needs. I love that this is an American company that uses only ingredients from the USA.

Product Description

Merrick Backcountry Wild Prairie Real Chicken Sausage Cuts Dog Treats feature a hearty, wood-smoked taste that dogs go wild for. These treats are grain-free with no gluten ingredients and have real chicken as the first ingredient…real chicken is a good thing right!?! Specially formulated to mimic the ancestral canine diet, Merrick’s Chicken Sausage Dog Treats are all-natural and packed with the meaty protein your dog craves.

Key Benefits

    • Hearty, wood-smoked taste
    • Grain-free with no gluten ingredients
    • Real chicken is the first ingredient
    • All-natural and packed with protein
    • Made in the USA

Taste Test

Now that we gave you the details on the product let’s get down to business, the best part according to the dogs, the tasting!

Today’s taste tester is Maia. She was happy to cooperate in order to have some of these very yummy treats!! These smelled so good when I opened the package, very smoky meaty chicken aroma, like it just came off the grill. I was surprised how many treats were in the package. Maia was licking her lips as I was opening the package!

Merrick Treat Review (3)Merrick Treat Review (1)They are yummy little pattie shapes!Merrick Treat Review (7)Merrick Treat Review (5)

We give them our highest rating…a four paws up!!

paw print small  paw print small  paw print small  paw print small

Where You Can Buy These Tasty Treats

These are on sale right now at for $6.99 for a 5 oz. bag, you save $3.00 off the regular price. There are several varieties to choose from, Pacific Catch Real Salmon Jerky, Wild Prairie Real Chicken Jerky, Great Plains Real Steak Patties, Great Plains Real Beef Sausage Cuts, Wild Prairie Real Turkey & Sweet Potato Patties (package size may vary). So just click the button on my sidebar and order today, your pups will give you many smooches for buying them these tasty treats.

Shipping Information

Shipping is free with any $49 order and $4.95 flat rate on orders under $49. They also offer auto ship!


Thank you Chewy for allowing us to review this product.


Review Disclaimer: Misty Shores Blog was provided a full size product to try in exchange for our honest opinion and review. We were not otherwise compensated.

Tina and the Brown Dogs

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Color

I thought I would do a series about our breed standard. Instead of going through the whole standard at one time I will break it down into small portions.

Breed Standards give a description of the origin of the breed and describe what the qualities of a particular breed should have in order to perform the job they were originated for, like a blueprint.

Equally proficient on land and in the water, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever was developed along the Chesapeake Bay to hunt waterfowl under the most adverse weather and water conditions, often having to break ice during the course of many strenuous multiple retrieves. Frequently the Chesapeake must face wind, tide and long cold swims in its work. The breed’s characteristics are specifically suited to enable the Chesapeake to function with ease, efficiency and endurance. (ACC Official Breed Standard)

They are written and developed by the National Breed Club for each breed. Our breed club is the American Chesapeake Club (ACC). These standards are then adopted as the official standard through the American Kennel Club (AKC). Chesapeake Bay Retrievers belong to the sporting group. They are considered the powerhouse of the retrievers. You might hear them called by a few  different names, Chessie, brown dog, bay dog, or CBR.

So let’s start with color*. Chessie’s coat color must closely match that of it’s working surroundings as possible. We have three basic colors; brown, sedge, deadgrass. There are variations of these colors and any shade is acceptable.

Self colored is preferred but one color is not to be preferred over another. On our positive scale of points color is only worth 4 points out of 100. While coat texture of a CBR is extremely important the color of the dog does not have any bearing on their working skills. I will talk about texture in another post.

Self color is defined as “of one color all over, with or without lighter or darker shadings of the same color.” Brown takes in all shades of brown including tan which is a light brown with golden tones. Sedge takes in reddish tones, red-brown or red-gold. Deadgrass takes in any color of deadgrass, from a dull straw color to a faded tan with sometimes the whole range on the same dog. (An Illustrated Guide To The Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Color pg. 48)

The disqualifications for color are black color and white on any part of the body except breast, belly, toes or back of feet.

No matter the color Chessie’s do a good job blending into their surroundings. Here are some photos of several different colors and shades of Chessie’s in various types of terrain and foliage.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Cheyenne.Chesapeake Bay Retriever CheyenneBoth of these are Cheyenne, even a brown dog blends in the green grasses.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Misty Shores Chesapeakes (8)This is Maia, she is considered light brown and you can see how well she blends in with the dead weeds and grasses.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever~TitanTitan is considered light deadgrass and he also blends very well.

Woody (3)This is Woody coming out of cover but you can still see even though he is brown he is well camouflaged in the cover.

Aretha~Michlelle KeehnPhoto courtesy of Michelle Keehn of  Dusty Rose Chesapeakes. This is Aretha a dark deadgrass.

Nova~ Michelle Keehn.Photo courtesy of Michelle Keehn of  Dusty Rose Chesapeakes. This is Nova, he is dark brown.

Sia~Michelle KeehnPhoto courtesy of Michelle Keehn of  Dusty Rose Chesapeakes. This is Sia, he is considered ash which is a diluted shade of brown.

Bear~Gail EvansPhoto courtesy of Gail Evans of  Moonlight Bay Chesapeakes This is Bear a light sedge color. According to Gail his color would change depending on the season. Sadly Bear crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past November. Our hearts go out to the Evan’s family.

Rio~Julie ReardonPhoto courtesy of Julie Reardon of Hope Springs Farm This is Rio another sedge dog. As you can see he is a darker shade. He was bred by Dyane Baldwin of Pond Hollow Chesapeakes. If you look at the background across the water you can see how he would blend right in.

Jessie~Kerrie TatarkaPhoto courtesy of Kerrie Tatarka of Coolwater Chesapeakes. This is Jessie who is sedge and even on this terrain you can still see the tendency to blend in. Sadly Jessie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in February of this year. Our hearts go out to Kerrie.

Purl~Thora EichblattPhoto courtesy of Thora Eichblatt. This is CoolWater’s Purling Oakleaf “Purl” another shade of sedge.

Training Shiawassee River July 11, 2013 (15)Even in water Chessie’s blend in.

We also have other colors and markings that aren’t addressed in the standard, these include masking, tan points and brindle markings. These do not make a Chesapeake any less of a dog and does not affect their retrieving abilities. They still blend well in their surroundings. These are acceptable colors, although as stated before self colored is preferred.

Hailee and DutchThis is Dutch with my niece Hailee, Dutch was her favorite. Her owners are David and Michelle Keehn of  Dusty Rose Chesapeakes. She is a masked color dog and has what we call a widows peak. The area around her eyes and top of head comes to a point.Sadly Dutch crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year. Our hearts go out to David and Michelle Keehn.

Chesapeake Bay Retirever~BunsyThis is Bunsy, his owners are George and Jan Treglown of Deepwoods Chesapeakes. He has what we call tan points.

While color does not affect the working ability of this breed I think many of us have a favorite color. I love all the colors but my favorite is the light deadgrass, to me it is so striking. However I do not choose my dogs by color, I choose based on temperament, trainability and conformation, my favorite color would just be the icing on the cake or maybe that’s on the dog Winking smile

So do you have a favorite color?

*From the Official Breed Standard “COLOR- The color of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever must be nearly that of its working surroundings as possible. Any color of brown, sedge, or deadgrass is acceptable, selfcolored Chesapeakes being preferred. One color is not to be preferred over another. A white spot on the breast, belly, toes or back of feet (immediately above the large pad) is permissible, but the smaller the spot the better, solid colored preferred. The color of the coat and its texture must be given every consideration when judging on the bench or in the ring. Honorable scars are not to be penalized.

Disqualifications: Black colored; white on any part of the body except breast, belly, toes or back of feet must be disqualified.”

Tina and the Brown Dogs

No Modesty!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Titan..This guy is such a goof!!

This is a Blog Hop!

A great way to visit your favorite bloggers and meet some new ones!

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Chesapeake Bay Retriever Article Review

I love to read!! I am always reading articles on well what else…dogs. Actually I do read all kinds of things that I find of interest just happens that a good share of that is on dogs.

I recently came across this really good article on Chesapeake’s in the NRA American Hunter by Kyle Wintersteen, you can read it here.

What I liked about this article is it was written in conjunction with a very well known and longtime Chessie breeder who has a great wealth of information and knowledge on the breed, Dyane Baldwin of Pond Hollow Chesapeakes.

Mrs. Baldwin discusses the Chesapeake origins as well as the Chesapeake of today.

In the article some myths about the Chesapeake are addressed…

>First the origination. Some people think the Chesapeake was developed by the market hunters, not true.

>Temperament. Aggressive, stubborn, not true.

>Chessie’s owe their aquatic abilities to crossbreeding with the river otter, I chuckled at this one and I think you will too.

I don’t want to give to much away and I hope you will take the time to read the article, it is not a long read. My hope is it will give you some insight into this beloved breed I have owned for over 23 years.

Tina and the Brown Dogs