Show Update

COBO was a blast!! It was so much fun meeting Laurie Bartolo, Jen and Leroy.

I arrived at 8:30 this morning just in time for the national anthem, for those who have never been to a dog show they always start the show off by playing the anthem and sometimes we even have the pleasure of someone singing it. There were  a lot of beautiful Chessie’s there and I even went over to watch the Newfie’s, well mostly I wanted to see Leroy and Jen. Leroy is even more handsome in person, he has the softest coat and he is one of my favorite colors, brown Smile  Spent the whole day socializing and catching up with people I hadn’t seen in a while and then Laurie found me, well where else but in the Chessie isle. 

I took almost 200 pictures and here a few, well maybe more than a few Winking smile


                                           Our friend Leroy, isn’t he gorgeous!


This is my other girl Searra, she is Cheyenne’s and Riva’s sister and according to her I was supposed to have brought her home to live with me not Cheyenne!


           This is the Veteran Bitch Sweepstakes class and Searra won today!!


Our friends Deb and Gunner, he loves his mom!





                                   The second dog is Reveler, the girl’s brother


This is our friends  Larry and Moose, he was Best of Breed and this is his Group 3 placement


                     Our friends Dave and Scout, they have had a rough day Winking smile

Our friends Rick and Millet














                             Seara & Reveler, we hope you enjoyed the show!

What I’m up too

Well today’s post was going to be part 2 of Genetics 101 but the day got away from me and it is far from ready so instead I’m going to share what I am going to be doing tomorrow…DKC DOG SHOW AT COBO HALL, DETROIT! Yep I am excited, first because I will be meeting a couple of you there, Laurie Bartolo and Jen over at My Brown Newfies, I will also be meeting Jen’s dog Leroy, and second because this is the first time I will be going as a spectator. Although I do love to show my dogs at this venue I am looking forward to just hanging out and socializing with all my peeps and pups (I was dying to write that, lol). I plan on taking a ton of pictures to share with you all. This is a benched show, for those not familiar with that term it means that all the dogs are assigned a place on, well you guessed it a bench area. This is so when they are not in the ring the spectators can walk around and meet the various breeds. There are very few of these shows across the country and this is the only one in Michigan, this year marks 108th and 109th Detroit Kennel Club Show. Sunday is the Chesapeake Supported Show by our National Dog Club the American Chesapeake Club (ACC) so the entry of Chessie’s is pretty big.


On another note I talked with my friend Ellen last night, she said “I just had to call you to tell you how wonderful Bitsy is, she is exactly like you said, very sweet and loving, she is the best and we are so happy with her” Bitsy is the other female from Riva’s litter, Ellen went on to tell me that she was top in her beginner obedience class and she is now one of the top dogs in her intermediate obedience class. This call made my night, no my whole week!! This is the picture she sent me today, the big guy is Bitsy’s big brother Trail.