Gun Dog Supply ~ Day Glow Center Ring Collar

Today we are reviewing a company called Gun Dog Supply. I have been ordering from this company for several years now and I really can’t say enough about what a great company they are.

The Company

As the name indicates they carry most anything you will need for your dog. They say, “We train our dogs with the products we sell.”

Their website is easy to navigate, and they have tutorial videos to go along with many of their products. I find these helpful in deciding if the product is right for my needs. Their prices are reasonable. They typically ship the same day you order because they stock what they sell.

So, let’s get down to the product we are reviewing today, the 1 in. Day Glow Center Ring Collar.

Product Description

They are plastic coated nylon, will not pick up odors and will last a long time. Collars are a day glow color which means they are easily visible during the day but are not a reflective material you can see at night. They have a flat buckle which for most of what I do with my dogs is required. The collar is riveted verses sewn for better durability. Big bonus they are made in the USA!

Every collar they sell comes with a free brass ID plate that will fit up to 4 lines of information,

  • 20 characters on top line.
  • 18 characters on the middle two lines (because of rivet placement).
  • 20 characters on bottom line.

And if you need to add more information additional ID plates are only $1.99.

Misty Shores Chesapeakes (7)

These are the 19” Collars that fit 16-20” neck size.

Misty Shores Chesapeakes (1)

The rivets are heavy duty but lay flat.

Misty Shores Chesapeakes (4)

Fits very nicely, it is on the second to last hole so we still have three more holes to allow for growth.

Misty Shores Chesapeakes (5)

My model, Zelena.

Misty Shores Chesapeakes (9)

The buckles are quite sturdy.

Misty Shores Chesapeakes (10)

Center ring is heavy duty, ID plate is printed very clearly.

Our Thoughts

So, I chose the purple for Thalia and my niece chose blue for Zelena. On the ID plate I have my name, state, and two different phone numbers.  I added an additional ID plate that included “I am Microchipped, AKC Reunite, the chip number, and the phone number”. I just wanted to make sure to have as much information available, so I would have every possible chance of getting them back if for some reason we were separated. One was placed on each side of the center ring.

The website has very detailed instructions on how to measure your dog’s neck so, you get the best fit. There is also a video going over the collars key benefits and explains what the center ring is for.

Once I had decided on the collars, colors and information I wanted on the ID plates I gave them a call to place my order as I had a gift certificate. The gentleman that helped me was extremely pleasant and helpful. He made sure to repeat information back to me to make sure he had it correct. I received my order in four days, I love the quick turnaround time. The shipping is very reasonable, $5.95, but if you order $125 or more it’s free. Total for these collars including the additional nameplates and shipping was just under $25 for both. Where can you get quality collars for two dogs at that price!

The colors are very vivid and exactly as represented on the website. They fit the girls beautifully and there is room for them to grow without having to buy more collars. The material although plastic coated is not stiff.

So if you would like to check them out you can shop here and they have a Facebook presence here.

Review Disclaimer: Misty Shores Blog purchased these collars and have reviewed them without any communication or compensation from the company.

Tina & the Brown Dogs


Surprise Surprise!

We received a very nice surprise in the mail the other day.

A few weeks ago I had finally got around to sending in Titan’s paperwork to get his Trick Dog title, you know you have to make it all official, you can read about Titan’s Trick Dog here. Well when it arrived in the mail a second envelope also came. Much to my surprise Titan also received the Achiever Dog Certificate.

Misty Shores Titan Trick Dog Title

Misty Shores Titan AKC Achiever Dog

The Achiever Dog program is a way to recognize and encourage dog owners to participate in several venues with their dog. To be eligible for this program your dog must be AKC registered, or listed with AKC Partners program or, AKC Purebred Alternative Listing or, recorded as Foundation Stock Service

Your dog does not have to be a purebred to register with AKC, you can register them through the AKC Partners program. This program is for mixed breeds and other dogs that aren’t eligible for AKC registration.

If you have a purebred dog but they aren’t registered with AKC because perhaps the litter was not registered or the parents were not registered, or maybe your dog is a rescue and you don’t have registration papers;  you can enroll your unregistered registrable breed in the AKC Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) program. This allows you to compete with your dog in many Performance or Companion Events.

If you have a rare breed you can enroll in the Foundation Stock Service (FSS) program. This is for purebred dogs that are not currently eligible to be registered with AKC.

So if you like to do things with your dog and would like to expand into performance events, earn titles and recognition you can see which events are eligible for the Achiever Dog program here.

Tina & the Brown Dogs


Little Steps

Back in January my friend Robin who has one of the pups, Banner, entered him in the Livonia Kennel Club show in Novi, MI. He was six months old and his very first show. He did pretty good for his first time out and received a Reserve Winners ribbon. You can learn more about Conformation Shows here.


Last Saturday she entered him in the Ann Arbor Kennel Clubs Sanctioned B-Match. These are great educational and informal settings for novice dogs and people who are just getting started in showing, getting a puppy socialized, meeting other people who have a similar interest in dog shows, but most of all they are fun. There are no Championship points or titles awarded at these events, they are simply for one to gain experience for the licensed shows. You can learn more about these events here.

I was very excited when Robin texted me to say that Banner had received a Group 2. Dogs make it to group when they are chosen Best of Breed in their specific breeds. There are seven groups, Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are in the Sporting Group. The dogs in the Sporting Group were bred to hunt game birds both on land and in the water. The breeds in this group include Pointers, Retrievers, Setters and Spaniels.

She said he needed the practice as he was a bit nervous about standing for inspection, but all in all I say he did pretty good.

 Banner Banner._thumb.jpg

Looking forward to watching this boy mature and see what he accomplishes.

Tina & the Brown Dogs

Senior Dogs

I find myself thinking more and more about my senior dog and her brother; Riva and Reveler will be 13 this July.

It is hard to wrap my head around that! How could it be almost 13 years since we saw these little burr heads come into the world??

Riva came home with me when she was 8 weeks old and I knew immediately she was going to be very special. At 8 weeks old she looked at me and gave me a huge Chessie grin as if to say, “you better hang onto your hat because I’m going to be a handful”!

Riva puppy2  Riva puppy (2)  Riva & Jimmie puppy1

My niece, Hailee, grew up with Riva. She is her dog for sure. Hailee doesn’t like to talk about Riva getting old, she’s a very emotional girl when it comes to the dogs. She was the first dog she showed, albeit only once, but they had a good time and did very well with each other. Hailee has always been my dog helper.

Hailee & Girls

Hailee & Riva  the retrieve    Hailee and Riva    Hailee and Riva first show

In my 25+ years having this breed and eight dogs I have only had two that were true counter surfers, but Riva holds the title of “Counter Surfer Elite”. This girl can manage to get to things you thought you had well-hidden and pushed back out of reach. Over the years she has eaten half pans of brownies, ate half my special apple pie that was for my Smiling Rivafamily reunion, cinnamon rolls, and breads just to name a few. One of the most memorable counter surf incidents was when I was visiting my friends for the weekend and Riva stole the butter.  My friend Michelle’s father was preparing dinner for all of us and the dogs were roaming around. He placed a stick of butter on the counter, turned around to stir something on the stove, turned back around and the butter was gone (wrapper and all), he had his hands on his hips and a look like “I could swear I just put a stick of butter there”. This was years ago and we all still laugh about it to this day. She never has any true guilt or shame about what she does, oh yea she gives you a sheepish grin with the ears back because she knows she looks cute and you will just laugh and say, “well I should have done a better job putting things away”. Even at almost 13 she still steals things off the counter.

Riva also has selective hearing. Now according to my nephew when he was about eight years old this is a real disease, lol. There was one time we were camping at the same friend’s house for a big Chessie event; another friend, Jan, was in her camper right next to our tent. Well somehow Riva got out of the tent in the late evening, so it was starting to get dark. Here I am out there with food trying to get her to come just close enough I can grab her collar. Not even once did she acknowledge me and look back, she just kept sniffing around making sure to keep just enough distance between us. You would think this food motivated dog would be easy to catch with food. Finally, after about 15 minutes I managed to wrangle her. The only comment Jan had to say, “only a mother could love Riva”. So,  from that day forward that comment has stuck.

She also thinks if the door opens she must exit! I can’t tell you how many times this girl has taken herself for a walkabout around the neighborhood with me and sometimes others following. One particular incident that stands out in my mind was just a couple years ago. I came out of my bedroom to the living room and I just knew immediately she was not in the house. So, I grab my shoes, a leash and treats and rush out the door only to see my brother rounding the corner with no shirt or shoes, Riva in his arms, yes, he was carrying this 75-pound dog back home.

Riva had one litter of pups, which is where Maia and Titan came from. She wasn’t a bad mother, but she wasn’t what I would call maternal. She would feed them just fine but Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppies (1)when it came to cleaning them she looked at me like “I am not licking their butts”, so that job was left for me for the most part. When they were old enough to be weaned I could tell she was glad to be relieved of that duty. She never even noticed when they started leaving for their new homes. I think she might have been a little disgusted when two of them stayed behind.

I tell you about all this, so you can have a sense of who she is; a dog with her own agenda! Some of you might say, “well you should have trained her better”, believe me I did my best with her. But honestly after several years I just resigned myself to this is who she is. You all might think this is strange, but I find these qualities endearing because at the end of the day I knew she loved me when she would snuggle up close to me and want me to put my arm around her while she slept. It’s Riva’s world, I just live in it!

When I look at her now graying face and watch her moving a little slower and stiffer, I remember all the antics she has done and how I would be so frustrated with her at times and think, what I wouldn’t give to have that young dog back and do it all again. It’s these memories that really fill my heart with joy even though I know her days, months and maybe even another year or two or waning. Dogs live in the moment and I would like to be like that with her, not thinking about the future but just enjoying the here and now with her. Living each day in the moment with my special Riva Diva!

Riva Fall Photo Shoot 2016 (3)

Riva Fall Photo Shoot 2016 8-3

Tina & the Brown Dogs

The First Show

I entered the Little Bittles in their first show In January. My niece and I practiced a lot with them on moving, stacking and showing their bite. We thought we had them pretty good for 6 month old pups.

So we went to the show early to let them walk around and check things out since this was their first time. They did amazingly well, calm and relaxed and not bothered by the other dogs. We practiced just a bit more. We met up with their brother, Banner, and his mom. Hailee’s family came to watch her show Zelena, so we had a a lot of people to hang out with.

Then it was our turn to go in the ring. All went well with the initial stack and go around, then it was time to stack up the dogs so the judge could go over each dog individually. Thalia was the second dog in line and I was showing her. The judge asked me to show the bite…BOOM…she would not let me show her bite. She was fighting tooth (no pun intended) and nail against me.

Our judge, Dr. Eric Liebes, was amazing! He pulled us over to the other side of the ring and let me work her through it, at one point he said to her “this is one battle you are not going to win little girl”. Finally he caught a glimpse of teeth. I was mortified at her behavior and thought for sure he would excuse us from the ring. I am so thankful he was understanding of a 6 month old puppy in the ring for the first time and allowed us the time to work through it, at least somewhat. Hailee and Zelena did fantastic! This is the first puppy Hailee has ever shown.

After all her shenanigans we were awarded second place, Zelena was third place.

I have no idea why she reacted the way she did. I play with their mouths from the time they are very young and she had been very good about it prior to ring time.

So since then we have been checking bites all the time and she seems okay about it, but time will tell.

Misty Shores Chesapeakes (1)
This is Banner
Misty Shores Chesapeakes (2)
Second handler is Hailee and Zelena
Misty Shores Chesapeakes (3)
Me and Thalia

Tina & the Brown Dogs