Last year at our annual fun weekend we had a new event, AKC Trick Dog. This is a new event from AKC. There are four levels, Novice Trick Dog (TKN), Intermediate Trick Dog (TKI), Advanced Trick Dog (TKA), and Trick Dog Performer (TKP). Of course each level gets a bit harder and more involved.

Dave is an AKC CGC, CGCA and Trick Dog evaluator. If you pass these tests you can send in your paperwork along with your fee and get a title on your dog.

If your dog doesn’t have a CGC the dog must complete ten tricks from a list supplied by the evaluator. If your dog does have a CGC they only need to complete five more tricks.

Titan already has his CGC, so we only needed to do five tricks to complete our TKN  title. You can find more information here.

NoviceSht.Title_App.3.24FINAL_                                                     Tricks checklist we had to follow.

This really was a lot of fun and laughs! At this level it is all relatively easy stuff to do. Titan did, kennel up, sit on a platform, fetch it & give, hold and  go through a tunnel. We did one extra because I wanted to see if I could get him to jump over a jump, and he did.

There were several of us whose dogs completed their TKN  that weekend.June 3. 2017 (173)










A few photos of dogs doing their tricks…

June 3. 2017 (25)June 3. 2017 (37)June 3. 2017 (39)June 3. 2017 (50)June 3. 2017 (68)June 3. 2017 (105)June 3. 2017 (149)June 3. 2017 (159)

The test allows for two handler’s choice tricks. These next two photos were handlers choice.

June 3. 2017 (125)June 3. 2017 (136)

We all had such a great time, a lot of encouragement and camaraderie. I encourage everyone to give this a try, it is a great way to bond with your dog while having some fun!

Tina & the Brown Dogs

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