What is a Breed Club…and Why Should I Join??

First let’s talk about what a breed club is. They are non-profit organizations responsible for maintaining the breed standard of their specific breed. Breed Standards give a description of the origin of the breed and describe what the qualities of a breed should have to perform the job they were originated for, like a blueprint. These clubs exist to promote their breed and protect it.

There can be national, local and regional breed clubs. It is the national club that is responsible for the breed standard. Many breeds are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and you can find breed standards on their website.

Breed clubs are a good resource for finding breeders. Many of these clubs also fund health research and sponsor rescues for their breed.

Belonging to a breed club brings people together that have the love of their breed in common. I have formed many friendships through my breed club that I might have otherwise never had. It also gives you the opportunity to be mentored by long time breeders. But most important, these clubs help ensure the welfare of future generations of their specific breed.

There are many things that can benefit you by joining your breed club. For example, this is from my national breed club, the American Chesapeake Club (ACC) and the benefits their members have…

  • Receive our bi-monthly Bulletin that is filled with upcoming events, health information, training tips, heartwarming personal stories, and photos of the dogs.
  • Access to an inexpensive and extensive Video Library
  • Join a members only Chat List
  • Get Updates on Legislative Issues, Health Issues & more
  • Advertise puppies for sale or a stud dog
  • Join the Breeders Referral List
  • Vote on the standard for the breed
  • Purchase breed specific items like book, training manual, note cards, pins, etc.
  • Eligibility for recognition awards for your dog(s)

Your membership also helps support breed specific health research and rescue. Most importantly, it helps ensure that the future generations of these dogs and the people who love them have an organization that is there looking out for their well being!


If you have Chesapeake’s and would like to find out more about the ACC, you can contact a Regional Director for your area here.

For other breeds a simple Google search should give you results of breed and national clubs. You could also contact your breeder for information.

Remember breed clubs play a very important role in the preservation of specific breeds.

Tina and the Brown Dogs 

Kong Zoom Groom

I tried a new grooming tool…the Kong Zoom Groom!

This little gem is amazing, how did I ever groom dogs before!

Zoom Grrom by KongImage from Google imagesZoom Grrom by Kong..Image from Google images

I couldn’t believe how easy it was on their coats. It gently removed all the dead loose undercoat without stripping the topcoat. Kong Zoom Groom for dogs

Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Maia                                          

All the dogs thought they were getting a massage with the soft rubber tips. Cheyenne was moaning while I was brushing her. It was great on the older dogs skin, no scratching.

Their coats also seemed shinier when I was done.

Clean up was a snap! I pulled the bigger clumps out of the Zoom Groom and then just rinsed it under warm water.

They also make one for cats.Kong Zoom Grrom for catsImage from Google images

I bought mine at a dog show but I did some checking and you can find these at Chewy.com for almost half the price I paid.

So if you are looking for a great tool for brushing your dog I highly recommend the Kong Zoom Groom!

So just click on the Chewy badge on my sidebar or click each Zoom Groom image to take you to the Chewy.com website to order yours.

Be A Smart Puppy Buyer

Where Do I Start

When you decide you are going to buy a purebred puppy you need to do your research on the breed or breeds you are considering. You will invest a great deal of time, money and research in purchasing a quality purebred puppy from a responsible breeder that will fit your lifestyle and family. Whether you want a family companion or a dog you can compete with, arm yourself with knowledge.
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Blooper Tuesday!

I thought I would just post a few photo bloopers today.

Anyone who has taken animal photos knows there are usually a certain amount of photo bombs before you get those few decent usable photos. If they aren’t moving just at the moment I snap the camera then I am not always paying attention to the things in the background.

So without further ado here are some of my bloopers… Continue reading “Blooper Tuesday!”

Wordless Wednesday~My lovey!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Misty Shores Titan (2)

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