Walking Fetch

This past Saturday we went to see Titan and do a little swimming, the dogs not me Winking smile Dave demonstrated what Titan learned the week before which is the walking fetch; the walking fetch is done after the force fetch has been successful. To do Walking Fetch several dummies are laid on the ground about ten feet apart, approach each dummy with your dog at heel and say “Fetch” as he is looking at the first dummy. As he fetch’s each dummy you tell him “leave” and he releases it in your hand and you toss it behind you so they are ready for another round. Titan is doing pretty good, he still has a ways to go but I know he can do it with Dave as his trainer. Dave keeps an online training journal of the dogs you can see here


Good Sit


Good Fetch


Are you watching mom

DSCN1450 - Copy

Did you see that, good Fetch


Good Boy!!

Follow Up

I wanted to do a follow up on my post Titan Update; I may not have been quite clear on the where Titan is on his training. He is past the hold training which includes walking hold. He has completed these two elements and has moved on to the Trained Retrieve; he is almost to Walking Fetch. He is using small and large bumpers for retrieving now. This is what Michelle said in a comment “Titan is progressing very nicely. It was nice to let him swim and see he held the bumper even while he shook 2   and he delivered the bumper nicely. Titan does love to work and does like his uncle Dave.”

I do a newsletter for my dog club (although I have really fallen behind on that) but anyway, my friend Michelle reminded me of the article Dave wrote on teaching hold so I wanted to share that with you. You can view the article here then go to page 4, but feel free to browse through the whole newsletter Smile Oh and that is Cheyenne in the picture demonstrating hold, she didn’t like bumpers so I used a paint roller to teach her hold.

I will have more on the Trained Retrieve and Walking Fetch for you in the next week or so and hopefully more pictures.