Wordless Wednesday ~ Their Growing



It’s exhausting being the MOM

Wordless Wednesday ~ Silly Boy

Wordless Wednesday ~ Playing With Mom


My friends, Chris and Abby came to play with the pups today. They just loved them and the puppies loved them too, especially Abby as you can see!


What great socialization this was for the pups, Thank you Chris and Abby!

Growing Up Fast

It is hard to believe that these little babies are seven weeks old tomorrow! It makes me so sad to think that in just over a week I have to let them go, I have grown so attached to them Crying face Each one has their own personality and they are such little cuddle bugs but to know they are going to great new families does give me some peace of mind. I know they are going to have great lives and I will get to see at least one of them on occasion and maybe even a couple of them. I do hope their new families will stay in contact with pictures and updates.

Today was a very big day for them, one of my friends from church stopped by to see them and she just loved them. Later Grandpa Dave and Grandma Michelle (sires parents) over at Dusty Rose Chesapeakes, came over to play with them and brought another duck but they were all played out by then so not much action. They also had their HomeAgain microchips inserted today, which I really was not looking forward to, it really doesn’t hurt them but just the thoughts of my babies having a needle put in them  Sad smileIt went very well and for the most part they didn’t make a sound…well at least most of them.