I thought instead of writing a new post about remembering 9/11 I would just link back to my post from last year because quite honestly I don’t think I could write anything better and it is such a sad day in American history. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people who were directly affected by this horrible crime against America.

Going Live

Yesterday was my family reunion, I don’t know abut you but I LOVE to get together with family, it’s always a good time! My lemonade pie was a huge hit, both pies gone in a flash and I put two – 2lb. boxes of fudge in the raffle, people were trying to be the first to get it off the raffle table, I was even offered cash for a box of it Laughing out loud Anyway, I try to get around to almost everyone and catch up, while doing this I was chatting with one of my cousins whose profession is job assistance to students. She asked how my job search was going and I shared my last interview details with her, she then told me about a conference she had just attended about getting connected with employers and said that Twitter is the new way of getting in the loop for jobs…who knew! Apparently there are a lot of employers out there who use this to post for open positions.

I know some of you Tweet but I will be honest I really didn’t understand the whole Twitter thing. So today I did a little web search to try to understand it and yes I now have Twitter, check it out on my sidebar. The task in front of me is to go back through all the places I sent resumes to and see if they Tweet and if so start following. And yes I have to get familiar with the whole process, I played around with it a bit and Tweeted some of my posts from here and I am now following some of you that I found on my to follow list. I haven’t used it on my phone yet, I would assume it is the same.

Now I have some questions….

1. Can I have more than one account so I can keep all my blog stuff separate from job stuff?

2. If I can’t do 1. then I need to use my real name, oooh scary stuff, I have always liked that I am Misty to everyone in Blogville and I would hate to loose that so what do others think of using their actual identity on Twitter? If I do please tell me you will still call me Misty, Misty Shores or recently I have been referred to as MSC (I like that one too), LOL

3. How do you like Twitter?

4. When you Tweet your blog post do you copy and paste the link or do you use the Twitter button at the end of your post? I did it both ways just not sure which is correct. I’m a little confused on the Tweeting part Winking smile

5. And that whole trends thing, way off, definitely not me, how they have come up with the stuff listed there from my info is beyond me, so did you change yours if it didn’t fit?

So any comments, suggestions or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated by this newbie Twitter TweeterOpen-mouthed smile


I’ll be tweeting you around!!

Can I Pet Your Dog?

I recently read a post by rumpydog addressing the issue of Breed Specific Laws (BSL), you can read all about it here. It got me to thinking about why dogs bite, so thought I would do a post on the subject of body language and how to approach dogs. Now I know this is way off the topic of which Rumpy wrote about but thought it was worth the time to write about it. I do believe that in most cases dogs warn us long before they actually bite, we just do not listen or observe the signs as the case may be. There are those instances when a dog does bite that is un-provoked, possibly due to how they are raised, breeding, bad temperament, etc. but that is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about the average well adjusted good temperament dog that is using it’s only means of communication to tell us how they are feeling, their body.

It has been my experience that not everyone knows how to approach a dog or even how to teach their children the do’s and don’ts of being around dogs, whether it is the family pet or a strange dog they see on the street. However, for those who do I applaud you and thank you for teaching your children well so I don’t have to be the bad guy and my dog doesn’t have to warn them; and for the adults that listen to me and follow my instructions I thank you too!

There are three very basic rules I teach everyone, young and old, first you ALWAYS ask permission from the owner before touching the dog. They are the best judge of whether or not their dog is friendly towards strangers and wants to be petted. Second do not reach over the dogs head to pet them, most dogs do not like this and will pull away or lower their head to get away from your hand; instead hold your hand out so they can get a good smell of you and then if they are receptive a little scratch under the chin will do. And third  do not stare the dog in the eyes, to them this is a sign of “hey you want to start something with me”. It seems that children are more receptive to these rules when explained to them than some adults; for example…

A couple of years ago at a benched dog show I had a gentleman come over to see my dogs, however when he approached he was staring at Riva and would not break the gaze (breaking rule #3). Then he reached out to pet her on top of the head (breaking rule #1 & #2) she had a low grumble so I quickly told him not to touch her and I moved her away from him. I told him that she did not like him staring her in the eyes and he quickly dismissed what I was telling him and scoffed at me. My point was proven when a lady approached, asked if she could pet her, held her hand out so Riva could smell her first and then rubbed under her chin while talking softly to her (not staring her in the eyes), Riva was very friendly towards the woman. Well I have to tell you this gentleman did not like this and asked me “why does she let her pet and not me” and again I repeated “because you keep staring her in the eye and she does not like it” finally he walked away still quite ignorant of what I had tried to teach him. Ah well you can’t get through to everyone!

I find that you really have to be in tune with your dog and learn their body language so you will know how they are feeling especially when you are in public. Knowing your dogs body language can prevent a bite from happening. I tell people all the time dogs do not think like we do and they certainly do not reason like we do so it is up to the owner to protect them and people from tragic mishaps.

I found this nifty chart that shows canine body language and what it means better than I could have written, hope you enjoy it as much as I did and will share it along so we can educate others on body language.


What I’m up too

Well today’s post was going to be part 2 of Genetics 101 but the day got away from me and it is far from ready so instead I’m going to share what I am going to be doing tomorrow…DKC DOG SHOW AT COBO HALL, DETROIT! Yep I am excited, first because I will be meeting a couple of you there, Laurie Bartolo and Jen over at My Brown Newfies, I will also be meeting Jen’s dog Leroy, and second because this is the first time I will be going as a spectator. Although I do love to show my dogs at this venue I am looking forward to just hanging out and socializing with all my peeps and pups (I was dying to write that, lol). I plan on taking a ton of pictures to share with you all. This is a benched show, for those not familiar with that term it means that all the dogs are assigned a place on, well you guessed it a bench area. This is so when they are not in the ring the spectators can walk around and meet the various breeds. There are very few of these shows across the country and this is the only one in Michigan, this year marks 108th and 109th Detroit Kennel Club Show. Sunday is the Chesapeake Supported Show by our National Dog Club the American Chesapeake Club (ACC) so the entry of Chessie’s is pretty big.


On another note I talked with my friend Ellen last night, she said “I just had to call you to tell you how wonderful Bitsy is, she is exactly like you said, very sweet and loving, she is the best and we are so happy with her” Bitsy is the other female from Riva’s litter, Ellen went on to tell me that she was top in her beginner obedience class and she is now one of the top dogs in her intermediate obedience class. This call made my night, no my whole week!! This is the picture she sent me today, the big guy is Bitsy’s big brother Trail.


Where Does The Time Go!

I have fallen so far behind on my blog and reading all of your great blogs. Classes started a couple of weeks ago and with work and the dogs there is just not enough time in the day to do all the things I want to get done; I hope to get caught up in the next week or so. I can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to and I have a few awards to share also.

Thank you all for stopping by and all the well wishes for Maia, she is doing much better. I am very blessed to have all of you!

God Bless You All!!