Misty Shores The Great Titan Of Ro-Lyns CGC WD

September 26, 2011

CH Shiloh Hill Dusty Rose Albert CGC CD JH X Ro-Lyns Lil Riva Dancin For TT


Sometimes we receive nice little surprises in life, Titan is one of those for me. I had only intended on keeping the pick female from the litter but among all those beautiful babies was this one big light deadgrass boy who really stood out from the others. He grabbed my heart and that of my brother and nephew too. They kept trying to convince me to keep him instead of the girl and I would not budge on that. Then I was down to just three boys left to place one of which was Titan so my brother said “I really think we should keep him, I will pay for his expenses” well he didn’t have to make that offer twice, I jumped on it! You see I secretly wanted to keep him.

Titan is currently working on finishing his Junior Hunter (JH), he has two passes and I have plans of handling him to the last two in 2016.

BeFunky_Titan First Jr Pass (7)1

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Keehn~Dusty Rose Chessies







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