It was a very stressful morning! I let the puppies out to play for a bit and it had hardly been ten minutes when I heard a “something is wrong” scream from one of the pups. When I got to the door and opened it Maia came running but Titan didn’t and it looked like he had his head stuck but when I approached him I could see it wasn’t his head it was his eyelid. It looked like he had been digging along the bottom of the fence and some how a piece of the chain link fence broke and it was hooked in his eyelid. Needless to say I was panicked but I knew if I didn’t remain calm he would start to freak out, so I just talked to him calmly and tried to work him free. Amazingly he was pretty calm considering and  after a couple of attempts I was able to get him free of the wire; I scooped him up and raced in the house to call my vet to let them know I needed to come now. I could see the left eyelid swelling quickly but could not tell if he had injured his eye too. We arrived at the vets within fifteen minutes of the call and  Dr Adler saw us right away; of course he is a puppy and squirmy so in order to get a good look at what was going on she put some numbing drops in his eye  and while we waited for those to take affect she gave him a thorough exam. After examining the eyeball she said she didn’t see any scratches and it looked good; the only damage was on the eyelid itself and considering the way the wire was hooked it was not that bad. Some pain medication and antibiotic ointment and he should be good as new.


My poor baby!!

In order to try to prevent any further incidence my brother and I went to Home Depot and bought some plastic lattice to attach around the chain link fence. It is a temporary fix just to get us through the winter. This is what it looks like now.


This was the corner where it happened, you can see a small gate behind the lattice and at the bottom is where he was hooked on the wire.



19 thoughts on “What a Morning!

    1. Thank you, as long as he dosn’t get an infection he should be fine. I surprised myself about the calmness,however when I made the call to the vet I could tell I was starting to lose to panic because I said he ran a wire in his eye instead of eyelid.


  1. Oh my gosh! We read this and our hearts sunk!!! No,please no we kept saying as we read it. Please let him be okay.. please God. Then we read he is okay and we cheered! Thank you God. Please know our hearts sunk and we felt your terror as we read this. Thankfully he is okay…. whew!

    The Lattice is a great idea! Please give him hugs from us. Years ago we were reading Albert Payson Terhune and he talked about one of his prize collies who used to rub his face on the wire fence and how horrific that a piece of fence punctured his eye and he lost sight in that eye. IT can happen and is perhaps one for those things dog owners do not share enough with others.. afer all who would think about it.

    We are so happy Titan is going to be okay! The Collies send their hugs and kisses and we are praying for his complete recovery. God Bless You our friends… we know your terror and the panic…. we also know your relief right now….


    Chuck and the Collies


    1. Thank you so much Chuck and Collies, we appreciate your prayers and well wishes and I will definately give him extra hugs for you.

      I never would have thought about the fence being an accident waiting to happen, I am no longer a fan of chain link fencing. I will be looking at removing that next year and putting something much safer in. That is so sad about A T’s Collie, how devasting!


  2. Oh, no! I’m so glad it turned out okay and that he is already on the mend. I’m sure he gave you quite a scare but you remained calm and strong for him, which is exactly what he needed. Sending positive thoughts your way for a speedy recovery!


  3. Oh dear Misty!!

    You must have been terrified, thankfully he didn’t get hurt any worse than he did and that he didn’t damage his eye. It’s amazing the things they can get into when we think they can’t.

    The lattice work looks like a great idea too, did you secure it to the chain link fence with zip ties or something?

    Keep us posted on his progress!


    1. I was Jodi, all I kept thinking is he damaged his eye, I was so relieved when our vet said the eyeball looks good.

      Thank you and yes for now we used zip ties however I can see they may not make it till spring, Miss Maia had one in her mouth today. I was afraid to use any kind of wire after what happened.

      Today his eyelid looked better it is only half as swollen, he is eating drinking, playing and terrrorizing his sister as normal 🙂


      1. Hmmm….what could you use instead of zipties? I can’t believe she figured out how to get one off already! LOL one smart girl you have there!

        I am glad he is better. Sampson scratched his retina before (I really don’t know how) and putting the ointment in was a big pain.


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