You guessed it, this post is going to have a little bit of this ‘n that in it.

First I am so excited, WordPress informed me that we have had over 500 Likes on this blog. Second, so far we have had over 8500 hits and yesterday we had 122 views, our busiest day. Third we now have 45 followers, I can hardly believe it! When I started this blog I thought it would be cool if we had ten followers and now we have, yes I’m going to say it again…45 followers! Now I’m thinking won’t that be great if we reach 50, it’s within reason, we’re almost there, it’s just around the corner…okay I’ll stop Rolling on the floor laughing      I just want everyone to know how much we appreciate you reading this blog and sharing your thoughts and comments with us. Although I have not met most of you in person I feel like I have through your wonderful stories and photos, so thank you for allowing us to share in your life.

Moving on, tomorrow I am going to see Titan and the girl’s will be going with me. The plan is to get some training in with Cheyenne so I can get her ready to run in the WD next month, for those new to my blog WD stands for Working Dog Stake, you can find information about it here. I haven’t worked her very much so far this year but when I did she was much better about getting the bird back to me so here’s hoping we can pass the test this year Fingers crossed

And now your Awwwwwwww for today, my friends Dave and Michelle over at Dusty Rose Chessies just had a litter of puppies…I mean their dog Chemmy had puppies Winking smile  They are so adorable and I can’t wait to smell that puppy breath, ahhhh! You can see a picture here 

Last but not least, 2 Brown Dawgs came up with the This ‘N That Thursday idea and made this really cool badge that they are sharing so I grabbed it to use because sometimes you just need to talk about a lot of different things in one post.


Thanks 2 Brown Dawgs for sharing your badge Open-mouthed smile

19 thoughts on “This ‘N That Thursday

  1. I really hope Cheyenne gets her WD. She was so close last time. With the weather this summer our training has been hit and miss. Chemmy’s pups are cute. 🙂

    So glad you are participating in This ‘N That Thursday. 🙂 The badge looks good on your site. Congrats on doing so well with your blog. Have to admit that I always forget to hit the like buttons on blogs…lol…FB too…I forget.


    1. I am hoping we make it this time, but after her foolishness tonight I really wonder 😉

      I saw the puppies tonight and well you know how that is with new babies, you just want to hold and cuddle them.

      Thank you, I was very surprised that others would want to read anything I wrote. I love your badge and the whole concept you came up with. I never knew what to do with the odds and ends and now I have a way of getting it out there. Thanks 🙂

      Your not the only one I always forget the like button on the blogs but I have it down pat on fb 😉


  2. Congrats on your likes. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen that statistic on my blog before. 🙂 I’m bad about hitting like, or tweeting/facebooking posts. I struggle sometimes to read and comment. LOL


  3. I’m still trying to catch up, but I took time to go see the puppies. Mom looked tired and I tried to count but wasn’t sure I got them all. I never miss seeing a litter, puppies my favorite so tiny, so soft everything about them so special 🙂


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