25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ A Boy And His Dog

  1. Our family has always taken a lot of vacations, and now with Java we have just changed them to include him. He loves going to the beach and parks, and thankfully in Michigan we have them everywhere. For anyone interested, here is a link with the top 10 dog-friendly beaches in Michigan. The one in the above picture was at Norman Kruse park in Muskegon. It was absolutely fantastic for all!


  2. A boy and his dog making beautiful, fun and happy memories. Memories that will warm his heart now and when he grows older. My son kept on saying lately, ” I love dogs.” I know he does. He fell in love with a very gentle , adorable Labrador during our visit to the Philippines. We recently moved to an apartment and not a great time to have a puppy. perhaps one day soon. Thanks.


  3. Doesn’t that look wonderful to see the young boy enjoying the outdoors with his dog. I don’t really see that much anymore. I use to love being outdoors in the yard, woods, everywhere with my dog when I was young. I still do 🙂


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