Pesky Pests

Once the pups were old enough they moved to the living room to their big indoor pen and we also had a big outside pen on the porch. The set up was nice as I had the pens set up on either side of each other with a door between to let them in and out.

The biggest struggle I had with the outdoor pen was with those pesky yellow jackets. They were everywhere, so I had to watch the pups with an eagle eye to make sure no one got stung. I tried several different things to get rid of them. I cut a whole in the top of a few 2 liter bottles and filled them with apple juice and cut apples with added liquid sugar. I thought for sure this would attract them and they would crawl inside and be trapped. I think I only had about 5 total between the three bottles that fell for that. So I sat on the porch with a fly swatter warding off these pests.

Then one day I noticed that there were a dozen or more yellow jackets trapped in a partial bottle of flavored tea someone had left sitting on the porch. This did not totally get rid of them but it sure did make it more manageable. I could not find the nest, so I continued to spray around the porch when the pups were inside, but I hate using chemicals so I had to be very careful to make sure the spray did not go up on the porch and it was dry before letting pups outside. I managed to keep pups from getting stung but I was not so lucky.

Around November I received an email from a gentleman regarding one of my blog posts I wrote about Maia getting in some trouble with yellow jackets, you can read about it here. He asked if I could take a look at an article about yellow jackets and link to it. I have read through this very carefully written and thorough article written by Candace Osmond. I sure wish I had this information back in August but I have it for the future. If you have a problem with these Pesky Pests, take a look at this article, it just might help you out!

Photo from article

Follow-up Friday ~ July 26, 2013

Today we are joining our friends Jodi over at Heart Like A Dog and her co-hostess Sue, from The Golden Life, for Follow-up Friday, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.


Thanks Jodi!

We have another award, this one is from Dogs N Pawz, and it is really SWEET! The Super Sweet Blogging Award.

super sweet award1 This N That Thursday: Catching Up!

Thank you so much and we are honored to accept this award. If you haven’t checked out our friends over at Dogs N Pawz you really must pop over and say HI. Lisa has three dogs, Teddy, Scout and Ash and recently added a new member to their household, Phe, and I have to tell you she is a hoot!

Lisa’s blog is very informative and she has a new Blog HopTuesdaysTailsBlogHopOfficialBadge zpsb5025ffe Tuesdays Tails Blog Hop

Thank you Lisa for nominating us for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.

And surprise, surprise we were awarded the Super Sweet Blogging Award again and this time by Sand Spring Chesapeakes too. We are so delighted!! JoAnn has four Chessie’s too and they are wonderful. Norman, Nellie, Glory and Gambler, and let’s not forget her newest edition, Marsh Kitty. Drop on over and say HI! Thank you so much, we love all these great awards.super-sweet-award1

We received another award last week from JoAnn and had thought I would follow-up this week but since we have received more I think I will wait and do a post later with all the details. So you will have to check back to see what our answers and nominees are Smile

Black and White Sunday ~ Canadian Beauty


Canadian Geese

Thank you all for the lovely comments and compliments on this photo. This photo is almost perfect, if I had only not cut the tail off of the last goose. I was so delighted when I got home and saw how clear and crisp this shot was and catching the goose with his wings up was awesome.

Wordless Wednesday ~ Happy Dog!

Cheyenne ~ Chesapeake Bay Retriever (6)

BeFunky_Cheyenne ~ Chesapeake Bay Retriever (9).jpg

Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom said…

“Happy might be an understatement, looks like pure joy to me!

You don’t know how right you are! This is the lake at the park where we were at my family reunion and this year was Cheyenne’s turn to go with me. She was in heaven all day, mooching food from people, getting loves from little girls Fuson Family Reunion 2013 (29) and then a great swim.

FleaByte said…

“GO! GO! GO! That looks like so much fun. :)

Flea she sure WENT! WENT! WENT! all day long, she was one tired puppy that night Winking smile

Sand Spring Chesapeakes said…

“Happy Happy Dog! Love the water droplets.

Thanks JoAnn, they are in their element when in the water! I tried to sharpen it up but that was the best I could get it. At any rate I was pleased to have finally gotten a water droplet photo Smile

This ‘N That Thursday

Kids to Tennessee (56)

Gizmo said…

“Poor Maia! We had a yellowjacket infestation here last year and it was horrible…Their stings are the worst…Guess what…we have a dinosaur world about 30 minutes from here on the way to Tampa…it’s dog-friendly and our Doggie Social Club had an outing there

Wow an infestation would be horrible, you are right they are the worst, some people think they are bees but they are really in the wasp family. That is so cool you have a Dinosaur World near you and I will have to see if this one is pet friendly because I would love to be able to take one of the dogs with us on the trip.


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