E-Collars…Fact and Fiction

I have had my share of conversations about the use of e-collars (electronic collar)…the good, the bad, the ugly!

If you had talked with me years ago I had a very different opinion about e-collars. I would have told you they are “cruel” and “how would you like to be shocked like that!?!”

See my response back then was a preconceived opinion based on my lack of knowledge. It was made on what I imagined was going on when an e-collar was being used. It really was not based on fact but fiction.

When you talk to me today about the use of e-collars you will hear me say “used properly they are a great training tool”, “my dog is excited when he sees the e-collar”, “he is a happy worker when he has his collar on”. You see after working with my trainer and being shown the proper use I came to have a knowledgeable opinion about them; the facts.

FACT: As with any training tool in the wrong hands it can become a danger to the animal but properly used they are invaluable. Dogs that have been conditioned properly with a training collar are excited to work. They are a tool that is an extension of your arm, when a dog is hundreds of yards out in a field you need a way to get their attention and give them direction.

Misty Shores Chesapeake Bay Retriever TitanLook how HAPPY Titan is to be working with his collar on, because all of his experiences have been positive with the e-collar.

FICTION: They are not a torture devise unless intentionally used as such. They do not “FRY” the dog when used properly.

So with that being said I would like to direct you over to 2BrownDawgs Blog, they recently did an excellent post on The Myth About E-Collars. She covers this topic very thoroughly and factually.