One Last Award

I mentioned in my post More Awards to Share that I had one more award to share. This one is a little different than previous awards and it was given to us by the Island Traveler, we are so humbled and honored by this particular award and I think you will see why when you read about it here. It is the Hope Unites Globally Hug Award


One particular paragraph really jumped out at me

“These people use their available resources–a smile, a hug, a helping hand, a listening ear, a voice, time, money, possessions, education, personality, talent, websites and blogs—to make a positive impact on the world and make the world a better place to live.”

Since I have started bogging I have read some amazing blogs and although I have not met most of you in person I feel like I have through the stories you write. All of you open up your part of the world and share it with the rest of us and I just want everyone to know how blessed I am to have the opportunity to share with such a great community of friends. So I am passing this award on to everyone I am currently following.

2 Brown Dawgs


AKG Inspiration

Basset Momma



Collies Of The Meadow




Dr Rayaa’s Online Veterinary Journal

Dusty Rose Chesapeakes

Gravel Creek Chesapeakes

jodistone-Life with Sampson and Delilah….The 411


Just Ramblin

Laurie Bartolo

Dogs Rock!!

My Brown Newfies


Monica’s Tangled Web

The (mis) Adventures of Sage

The great thing about this award is you can share it with as many people as you like, you can find all the guidelines here.

Thank you again for this wonderful award Island Traveler, if you have not visited his blog you really must he has wonderful stories and pictures to share of his family.

God Bless all of you!