I also have 2 cats , the first one is K.C. or as I affectionately like to refer to him, the “Old Man”, he is almost 21 years old and came to live with me when he was about 3-4 months old.

This is where he sits to let me know it’s feeding time!

My sister found him locked up in the warehouse of the building she used to work at, so she brought him home and my nephew who was 3 at the time promptly named him K.C. yep you guessed it Kitty Cat 🙂 He has been the best cat over the years, he isn’t real affectionate and when he is it’s on his terms, but that’s okay. His favorite place to be is in his perch, kitty tower, he pretty much sleeps there most of the day. He is the more demanding of the two, he promptly informs me when it is time to eat by sitting on the edge of my grandmas old sewing machine and grabbing my arm as I walk by and if that doesn’t get my attention then he just simply reaches out and gives me what I like to call a “love nip”

Next is B.W., yep that stands for Black & White!

Mr. B

I call him Mr. B most of the time; he came to live with me when we first moved to the house my brother, sister and I share. He showed up one day on our porch and my brother informed me he fed the stray cat outside cause he was sleeping in one of the chairs and looked hungry, well you know what happens when you feed strays…they never leave! I figured he was about two or three years old, so that makes him about 16 now. He lived on the porch the first year, I made him a house out of one of my dog crates covered with a heavy blanket and a nice soft warm one inside. That spring he showed up injured one day and I thought I would have to euthanize him but the fee for that was as much as treating him so I had the vet treat him for his wound, brought him in the house and he has been inside since. He is a very cuddly kitty and loves to be held like a baby. He never tells me when it’s time to eat in fact I have to call him most of the time for meals. He is an excellent mouser and recently I found out he is even a pretty good frogger too, my nephew told me he caught him with a tiny little frog one night, not sure how he got it, but don’t worry he didn’t hurt it and my nephew released it back outside.


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