I was so pleased when Laura from OmegaPet reached out and asked if I would be willing to review a product for them. I could choose any product I wanted so I chose the OmegaPet Large Breed Nail Clippers.OmegaPet(1)

But first before I get into the review let me share a bit about the company.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Charlotte, NC, we work with some of the largest veterinarians, distributors, and seasoned pros in the pet industry. We take great pride in our core competency of providing qualitative product research, development, branding, and delivery of pet products.                                                                                                      

OmegaPet helps make pets happy and healthy by developing premium pet products. Our popular natural pet care product lines include U.S. made grooming supplies, training aids, naturally derived health products, tear stain remover, wheat free dog biscuits, and more.
Here’s the best part: we offer fast shipping, easy returns, and OMG-worthy customer support on all of our natural pet supply products.     We partner with Amazon’s national fulfillment network to ship our products to your door in as little as a day! 

Product Description

These nail clippers for dogs and cats are surprisingly easy to use. The cat and dog nail trimmer offer a clean and precise cut with very little pressure, plus the safety guard eases fears of cutting the quick so it’s safer for your pet. There is even a nail file included in the left handle to smooth out those edges!

Key Benefits

  • Sharp stainless steel
  • Ergonomic easy grip handle
  • Safety guard
  • Nail file in the handle

Our Thoughts

I was very impressed with the design and construction of these clippers. They were everything the description said. I noticed that the dogs didn’t mind these clippers like they did the old pair I have been using for the last 15 or so years. They fit nicely in my hand and are comfortable to use.

OmegaPet (13)OmegaPet (15)

There is a safety latch to keep them closed when not in use.

OmegaPet (6)1They were nice and sharp so I got a clean cut. I couldn’t believe the difference on how nicely they fit on the nail and the guard kept me from clipping to much off.

OmegaPet (18)

OmegaPet (21)Titan was the foot model for this demonstration.

Titan usually fusses when I try to clip his nails but he was very good with these clippers. There is a small nail file conveniently stored in the handle.

OmegaPet (2)1OmegaPet (27)Maia was the foot model for this demonstration.

The clippers did a great job on each dog!

We give them our highest rating…a four paws up!

                                                       paw print small  paw print small  paw print small  paw print small

Where You Can Buy These Clippers

You can shop for these clippers and many more products at OmegaPet. The clippers are on sale right now for $15.99, regular price $25.95.

Shipping Information

Free shipping for all USA orders!


Review Disclaimer: Misty Shores Blog was provided a full size product to try in exchange for our honest opinion and review. We were not otherwise compensated.

6 thoughts on “#OmegaPet Review

    1. The trick is to start when they are young pups and play with their feet all the time. The clippers with the guard are pretty easy to use and keep you from clipping to close. I also use a dremel on my guys after the clippers to clean things up and make the nail nice and smooth. It does take practice with both.

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        1. I can imagine! I also put mine up on a grooming table. One to save my back and two it kind of takes their minds off the nails. I still have to have a helper hold the dog while I work on the nails and help me lift them up and down 😉


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