Just before my niece had to go back to Alabama we planned a road trip to the west side of the state to see Lake Michigan. There are many places you can go along the west coast to see the lake but we chose a park called Norman F. Kruse. We chose this park for a couple of reasons, dog friendly beach and our friend Chuck from Collies of the Meadow recommended it.

So we packed a great picnic lunch that consisted of hot dogs and hamburgers to cook on the grill, salads, chips and assorted other goodies, packed up all three dogs, my niece, nephew, his friend and my brother in two vehicles and hit the road.

The weather looked like we might get some rain but the skies cleared and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day. The drive wasn’t to bad, about an hour and a half and we were there! The park was beautiful, very clean with a nice picnic area and actual restrooms. I don’t know about you but I much rather have a real bathroom opposed to the outhouse style Winking smile 

It was a bit of a hike down to the beach but well worth it. I was able to let the dogs off leash, well not Riva as she likes to take herself on little walk abouts so I had her on a 20 foot long line so she could move about freely but be reeled in if needed, but Maia and Titan ran free playing and splashing. The water was quite rough but it didn’t hold Titan back. Maia wanted to go in but each time she started to venture in farther a big wave would come up and she had second thoughts.

Everyone got in the water and did some swimming except me, one foot in that cold water and I was not going to emerge my whole body in it, so I took pictures and threw the bumper for Titan.

Some photos of our day…

Lake Michigan 2016 (9)Lake Michigan 2016 (11)Lake Michigan 2016 (12)Lake Michigan 2016 (17)Lake Michigan 2016 (21)Lake Michigan 2016 (25)Lake Michigan 2016 (26)Lake Michigan 2016 (36)Lake Michigan 2016 (38)Lake Michigan 2016 (47)Lake Michigan 2016 (59)Riva looking disgusted because I won’t let her off leash!Lake Michigan 2016 (60)Lake Michigan 2016 (69)Notice Maia sticking out her tongue, I guess she doesn’t like getting her face squished.  Lake Michigan 2016 (72)I love this one, that is my nephew sitting down with Maia and his friend standing.Lake Michigan 2016 (75)My beautiful niece, dog handler and overall kennel help.Lake Michigan 2016 (93)My brother.Lake Michigan 2016 (99)This was a lighthouse we could see from the beach.Lake Michigan 2016 (101)Taking a rest after fun in the lake and a nice lunch…well they were all laying down until I moved to take the photo.

We enjoyed a leisurely day and made some great memories. The dogs had a blast and slept all the way home. We will definitely go back to this park again!

Tina and the Brown Dogs

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