I tried a new grooming tool…the Kong Zoom Groom!

This little gem is amazing, how did I ever groom dogs before!

Zoom Grrom by KongImage from Google imagesZoom Grrom by Kong..Image from Google images

I couldn’t believe how easy it was on their coats. It gently removed all the dead loose undercoat without stripping the topcoat. Kong Zoom Groom for dogs

Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Maia                                          

All the dogs thought they were getting a massage with the soft rubber tips. Cheyenne was moaning while I was brushing her. It was great on the older dogs skin, no scratching.

Their coats also seemed shinier when I was done.

Clean up was a snap! I pulled the bigger clumps out of the Zoom Groom and then just rinsed it under warm water.

They also make one for cats.Kong Zoom Grrom for catsImage from Google images

I bought mine at a dog show but I did some checking and you can find these at Chewy.com for almost half the price I paid.

So if you are looking for a great tool for brushing your dog I highly recommend the Kong Zoom Groom!

So just click on the Chewy badge on my sidebar or click each Zoom Groom image to take you to the Chewy.com website to order yours.

8 thoughts on “Kong Zoom Groom

    1. Okay I had to Google it…lol Some people say no and some say yes. But the best one I found was a blog about show Newfies and they use it to work the shampoo into the coat. If nothing else it’s a great massage tool.


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