When you breed dogs you do your very best to find just the right homes for your pups. You stay in touch with your puppy buyers and hope they stay in touch with you. But sometimes life just changes and though it is no ones fault it may be necessary to rehome one of your pups.

I could not have asked for better owners for Java. Wendy and her family did an amazing job raising this boy. They did everything right and he was very loved. She sent me many photos over the years and I truly appreciated that. But sometimes our lives change and we have to make decisions that while they break our hearts we know deep down they are the right ones. So when Wendy reached out to me about rehoming Java I did my best to reassure her, I didn’t want her to feel bad because I could tell she had many emotions going on over this most difficult decision. I knew it was breaking her heart. We can’t always control how our lives change all we can do is roll with the punches which means sometimes making decisions we would rather not make. Just to give you a glimpse of what a great life he had with his family…

Chesapeake Bay Retriever ~ JavaChesapeake Bay Retriever~Java (3)This is the best “boy and his dog” photo.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Java (4)Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Java (5)Chesapeake Bay Retriever (2)

I used different resources to get the word out about Java; email, messaging people I thought might be interested and the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue (CBRR&R) adoption option. This page is not part of the regular rescue process it is for owners to list dogs they have available. This site proved to be most helpful, and I am very thankful they offer the adoption option page. Wendy gave me all the details I needed such as weight, vaccines, training, good with children, other animals, etc. They also allow you to post a photo. So I completed the online form and sent his photo in to be posted. Within days of posting his info I was receiving calls and emails. After having conversations with several people I found one family that stood out from the rest that I felt would best fit Java as well as him fitting them.

So I scheduled a meeting with Doug and Fern and their children. These meetings can be stressful for the dog and he was a bit apprehensive at first but with a couple of hamburgers fed to him by the family he soon warmed up. Doug and the kids took him for a walk while Fern and I chatted about Java. They seemed to really like him so we ended our visit with them getting back to me once they could discuss it as a family.

The very next day Fern contacted me and said they wanted to make him part of their family. I was so excited for Java, he is such a great boy and I really liked this family.

Being his breeder I helped bring him into this world and raised him for the first 12 weeks of his life but Wendy and her family raised him for the next four years. A dog gets it foundation from the breeder but the owners play a huge roll in continuing on that foundation. So it is a joy to breeders when they see the pups they raised go on to become great dogs with the families they chose for them.  And this is reaffirmed when a professional trainer says “someone has spent a lot of time with him it’s evident in how good he is, he has a good head on his shoulders.”

It has been just over five weeks since Java became part of Doug and Ferns family and although there were a few hiccups in the beginning things have started to smooth out and they absolutely love him. This is a glimpse of him on his new journey…Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Java..Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Java.Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Java

This is what Fern said when she posted this photo on Facebook “He’s awesome as shown by his obsession with water and retrieving. His former owner obviously spent a lot of time teaching him obedience and how to play. He really knows how to have fun and we absolutely love this guy! Thank you Wendy and Tina.”

My heart is full knowing he has another great home and family to love him. I know they are going to make many great memories together!

19 thoughts on “Sweet Sweet Java!

  1. it’s so sad when life happens and we have to make decisions what break our heart… I’m so sorry for Wendy that she had to make this decision… and I’m glad you are a wonderful breeder and there for your clients and the pup you raised. Hugs to you… and hugs to Java and his new furmily… may tgey always be

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  2. I am happy he found a good home. However, I have to say that in my opinion I do not think breeders should be using the “Adoption Options” page. That is for non-breeders. The description says families looking to place their dogs rather than take them to a shelter. More and more breeders are placing unwanted dogs on that page and I do not think that is a good trend. In my opinion breeders need to develop their own sources to place dogs returned to them.


    1. Thank you for your comment Linda and yes you are entitled to your opinion. But the key word here is you said “returned” Java was not returned to me, his owner reached out to me for help so yes I listed him on CBRR&R adoption options as well as used many other resources to try to find him a new home. Just happened that resource is the one that panned out for Java. He did not come to me until I had a home pretty much lined up and then I did the transport and meet and greet. So to be precise the site says “Adoptions Options are dogs that owners and shelters want to place directly into new homes without using their local shelter as a placement service.” He was listed for the owner, Wendy. And it does not say anything against breeders using the site to place returned adult dogs, it does however say and I quote “the page is not intended for breeders to list and sell puppies” and I agree with that and would never list my puppies for sale on the site. The bottom line is a great dog found a new loving home because of this great resource.


        1. What is going on here? The blog was a lovely one and sincere and she found a great home,once again for Java. WHY should it matter where she sought help? Am I not understanding something? Seems like someone has a bone to pick.

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        2. My only bone is with Michigan breeders using rescue resources to place their puppies. It used to be that dogs returned or needing placement were placed privately. They are not really rescues after all.


      1. Having done rescue probably longer than most, I will tell you that I have known quite a few Chessie breeders that do not take their dogs back as there is always an excuse. I am ill, I am going on vacation, I have no room, I am not breeding anymore!
        I have my little black book of breeders that I have taken in their dogs, because they called me and or the owner called me and I tell the owner who wants to give me their dog, that they need to call the breeder. I also will call the breeder..and NOT ONCE ….NOT ONCE, has a breeder ever taken a dog back that I had in rescue..
        Just recently, I know of a breeder who is trying to place his dog but is asking many in rescue if they could take the dog. It bugs me as this person has a litter of puppies he is selling and a few years back he did the same thing. Called me and asked if I could take one of his dogs and find a home. I told him after that one that I was not going to be taking in any of his dogs, and perhaps if he does not have the wherewithal to care for his dogs he sold if they are returned he should stop breeding.

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  3. Thank you Tina, I have worked in rescue and have seen dogs come through and contacted the breeder and they wanted nothing to do with them…. Thanks for using all the resources available to you and Wendy and screening the people that were interested in Java to help him find the best home for him.. Again Thank You.

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