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I will back track a bit to the weekend before the kids went home; it was about 10:30ish Saturday night when Hailee ran to the basement to get me and said “Aunt TT come quick I think Maia is having an allergic reaction”. I followed her to my room to discover Maia with huge welts all over her muzzle and her left eye looking a bit funny. So immediately I started her on Diphenhydramine commonly known as Benadryl; in case anyone is wondering about dosage, it is 1mg per pound of dog every 8 hours. Maia is about 60 pounds so I erred on the side of caution and only gave her 50mg (tabs are 25mg each). I checked her all over thinking she may have been stung by something, the only thing I found were a couple of small hard lumps on the top of her head. My biggest fear was “I hope she doesn’t start to have trouble breathing” so I ended up staying up all night with her…she slept. About half way through the night her face started to really swell up, so I gave 25mg more, she seemed comfortable and was not having any breathing issues. During this time I had also sent a photo and texted my friend Michelle to see what she thought and she said the same thing, watch for breathing difficulties.

By morning she was quite swollen and her eye was almost swelled shut but it didn’t curb her appetite and she acted perfectly normal. I continued the Diphenhydramine every 8 hours, alternating between 50-75mg until I could see the swelling go down; by Monday evening she was completely normal. I spoke to a friend who is a Vet and she said that dogs are much more tolerable of Diphenhydramine so a 60 pound dog could safely take 75mg-100mg.

Maia's swollen face (2)

This was that night.

Maia's swollen face (3)

This was the next day.

Maia has a bad habit of trying to catch flying insects out of the air so I suspect she may have angered a Yellow Jacket with the way she swelled up. I checked inside her mouth for any signs of being stung but the only thing I found were the small hard lumps on top of her head. I only have these photos of her, don’t know why I didn’t think to take more…oh yea I was to worried about her to be thinking about pictures Winking smile I was thankful she showed signs of improvement pretty quickly and is back to normal now.

I thought I would share a few photos from the trip last Thursday, most of them were taken through the dirty windows of my brothers truck so don’t mind the spots, going 50-70 mph Open-mouthed smile

Kids to Tennessee (4)Kids to Tennessee (5)Kids to Tennessee (2)

This was Maia’s position most of the trip.

Kids to Tennessee (15)

Finally crossing the bridge to Kentucky.

Kids to Tennessee (17)Kids to Tennessee (16)Kids to Tennessee (24)Kids to Tennessee (25)

I bet I took a dozen pictures of this building before I finally got this half way decent shot. Going that fast every time I would shoot a tree, another building or a bridge truss would be in the way.

Kids to Tennessee (30)Kids to Tennessee (32)Kids to Tennessee (40)Kids to Tennessee (56)

We got off the freeway here to find a place to use the restroom and air Maia. There was quite a stretch of tourist attractions, caves, shops and this place. Next year we are going to try to leave a couple days sooner so we can check this place out with the kids.

Kids to Tennessee (44)Kids to Tennessee (47)Kids to Tennessee (50)Kids to Tennessee (52)Kids to Tennessee (66)

Leaving Tennessee.

Kids to Tennessee (1)

A barge we saw on the way home.

I thought when the kids went home I would get some more free time…NOT! I don’t know where all the time goes but I do not have enough of it. I am falling way behind again on getting to everyone’s blogs and commenting. Hoping this weekend I will have some free time to sit down and do some reading.

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6 thoughts on “This ‘N That Thursday

  1. Oh my poor Maia, benedryl will do the trick for swelling but it takes so long for it to be completely gone. Glory blew up like that earlier this year. Great taking the kids back photos. One day you will catch up for now just enjoy life! Have a great day.


  2. Poor Maia! We had a yellowjacket infestation here last year and it was horrible…Their stings are the worst…Guess what…we have a dinosaur world about 30 minutes from here on the way to Tampa…it’s dog-friendly and our Doggie Social Club had an outing there


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