Today we are joining our friends Jodi over at Heart Like A Dog and her co-hostess Jodi Chick  from Kol’s Notes, for Follow-up Friday, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.


Thanks Jodi!

I want to thank GizmoGeodog for telling me what a crape myrtle tree is. I googled them so I could see for my self what they look like and Gizmo was not kidding about their beauty, I bet even more so in real life!

This is a big weekend for us, not only because it is the 4th of July but we have a dog show on Saturday, not just any dog show but Hailee’s first show with Riva. She has been practicing and in the beginning she was getting frustrated which in turn caused Riva to get nervous. My friend Michelle and I talked to her and explained that when you have that lead on your dog it is a lifeline that connects the both of you and what you feel your dog feels because it travels right down the lead. So she has been trying to relax and just have fun, really praising Riva while they practice and it is paying off because they are moving much better as a team Smile  I have tried to tell her all the things the judge might say or have the handlers and dogs do. I’m sure I will have a great follow-up for you next week on our weekend and hopefully some photos too.

Black and White Sunday


Dove Nesting

I loved that I was able to get this shot, my brother and I had stopped to look at an old farm house and as I was walking around the back yard I looked up and saw this beauty sitting on her nest. I was very careful not to get to close to spook her and used my zoom, which at times makes my pictures fuzzy because I over do it so I was pleased when I saw most of them were pretty clear.

Robin asked…

So, I’m curious if the dogs tracked that dove down or if you found it?

No dogs with me on this outing Robin, good thing, they probably would have scared her away Winking smile

easyweimaraner said…

It reminds me a little bit about christmas, I know that sounds crazy :o

Not crazy at all Easy, I can see how that would remind you of Christmas, all she needs is a little holly in her beak Smile

Well that wraps up our Friday, thanks to Jodi at Heart Like A Dog and her co-hostess Jodi Chick  from Kol’s Notes for hosting this hop. Why don’t you grab the badge and join in.

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12 thoughts on “Follow-up Friday

  1. Thanks for joining the blog hop Misty, great recap and follow-up!

    I wish Hailee and Riva the best of luck. I’m sure they’ll be wonderful together, I’m looking forward to the retelling of their adventures.

    Good luck and have an awesome weekend!


  2. Glad I was able to help you out about those crape myrtles…They’re still blooming here and they brighten up the day…Hope the show went well…Looking forward to reading how Hailee & Riva did…I still think that dove photo is gorgeous Happy Saturday!


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