Today we are joining 2BrownDawgs for their This ‘N That Thursday blog hop!

She says…

It’s a little of this and a little of that and everything in between…

I really need a way to slow time down, or stop it all together for a week or two so I can catch my breath and get caught up on everything I am behind on Thinking smile

Well I missed the maiden flight of the little robins, these are the last photos I was able to shoot. I saw them Saturday morning and could tell it would probably be the next day they would fly but I didn’t get home in time and sure enough the nest was empty; I am happy they all made it though.

Robins June 8. 2013 (2)

I shot this with my phone so the quality is pretty poor, but you can still see how big they are. There is a fourth one in there somewhere and it amazed me how they all fit in that little nest.

Last week while at training we were fortunate enough to see a little group of baby wood ducks swimming around in the pond. They were very small and kept to one end of the pond so were able to still run dogs on water retrieves.

These shots are from the end of the pond we were working in, so then I walked down to see if I could get a closer look…

We never saw an adult with the babies but if you don’t know what a full grown wood duck looks like you can see one here These are my favorite duck!

Loving this weather we have had today here in Michigan, hoping it lasts through the weekend so we can get a good training day in on Saturday. We will be doing retriever training and I hope we will get to do a little conformation training, which had  been put on hold due to an injury…let me back up a bit on that. Last week Hailee was walking Riva around the block and they passed a house with a dog in a fenced in yard, a 2-1/2 – 3 foot fence, on their second trip around the dog leaped the fence and went after them. I think the dog was probably going more for Riva but I wasn’t with them so I can’t say for sure. Anyway it scared Hailee and she started to run, she tripped and fell letting go of Riva’s leash and Riva kept going until she realized Hailee didn’t have a hold on her leash anymore and my sweet girl came back and sat next to her until she could pull herself together and get up. She injured both her knees pretty bad and sprained her wrist. Now the part of this scenario that really bothers me is that after the owners came and retrieved their dog they never came back out to see if she was okay or offer any kind of assistance to her…what kind of people do this? I would have been so apologetic if my dog did something like that and I certainly wouldn’t just walk away and leave the person laying on the side walk. I just hope they take care in correcting the problem and keep their dog better contained.

 Well that wraps up Thursday, why don’t you grab the badge and join the fun!

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13 thoughts on “This ‘N That Thursday

  1. Thanks so much for participating in TNT. I don’t understand people who do not mind their dogs or let their dogs charge others and then say nothing. I hear more and more stories like this. I hope Hailee is OK. We hope the weather holds this weekend too for training. Brown dawgs need it. 🙂


  2. Still Nine baby ducks today at the pond. We didn’t train on water but wanted to go and check on them. We still did not see a momma duck. Hailee is a trooper can’t wait till Saturday to see you guys.


  3. OMG Misty, that is horrible!! And how sweet is Riva? What a love bug. I’m surprised by the cavalier attitude of these people, if you had reported them they could have been ticketed. At the very least they should have helped her up and asked if they could call someone for her. Irresponsible dog owners piss me off!!


  4. That’s like when John broke his wrist last fall. The man let his dog approach Mica from the rear and bark. Mica just turned to get the dog to back off and John went down. He blamed Mica and was going to report her to animal control. She was leashed and bit no one. The man never apologized to John for anything. I’m so sorry Hailee was knocked down and hurt. I don’t understand why ppl don’t control their dogs and then when someone is hurt they just leave no help, no apology!?


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