Today we are co-hosting with our friend Jodi over at Heart Like A Dog  for Follow-up Friday, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.


Thanks Jodi!

Black and White Sunday

Here is the original…

and the edited versions…


This one was edited with a vintage look, I like it because it left his eyes green.

Sand Spring Chesapeakes asked

“Who’s kitty?”

This is my kitty BW…you guessed it, that stands for black and white Winking smile He was a stray who took up residence on our porch shortly after we moved in nine years ago and soon moved in to the house as a permanent resident Smile He is the best cat, just as sweet as he can be, and a great mouser!


Wordless Wednesday ~ Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy

monicastangledweb said…

“I hope you post another photo so we can see how much they’ve grown. How long will they be staying?”

They will be here for the next seven weeks, yeah!! Here they are today, they have grown and matured a lot.

Schawn and Hailee 2013


This ‘N That Thursday


FleaByte said…

“Life is busy, huh? Every year I look forward to summer, thinking life will slow down. It never does.”

Boy isn’t that the truth! The harder I try the farther behind I seem to get. So glad I am not the only one.

2browndawgs said…

“hope your training didn’t get rained out.”

We were lucky and had good weather while training but shortly after we were done the skies turned dark and it poured! We worked on water marks today, and the dogs loved getting wet on such a hot day.

Here a few photos of Titan…

Titan (3)Titan (10)Titan (4)Titan (6)Titan (7)Titan (12)

Maia and Titan doing a little exploring…

Maia (2)Maia (5)

Maia (6)Maia (13)

Well that’s a wrap, why don’t you grab the badge and join the fun!!

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25 thoughts on “Follow-up Friday May 31, 2013

    1. Thanks.

      I just get so far behind and I saw 2browndawgs do that and I thought great idea, bad part is now that I am finally getting caught up with answering comments I have forgotten which ones I did that way 😉


  1. Great Follow-Up Misty, thank you so much for assuming the hosting duties today.

    Wow have those kids grown, they look amazing and I know you and the dogs are going to have the best time!!

    Have a great weekend and thank you again!!


    1. I hear ya! I found one on the side of my temple area the other day when I pulled my hair back, and I hadn’t even been out in the woods or out of my own back yard for that matter. FREAKED ME OUT!!!!! It was small and must have just got on me because he wasn’t really attached yet, been feeling like bugs are crawling on me since. I have preventative on the dogs, maybe I should put some on too 😉


  2. Hi Y’all!

    Great way to spend a hot day…practicing water marks! Yes!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  3. BW is handsome and fitting name. i have a bw kitty i found in marsh yesterday. not sure what is going to happen to her but i will care for her til then. lovely niece and nephew have loads of fun. great training pictures.


  4. Titan you are great! I agree with your commentator:“I hope you post another photo so we can see how much they’ve grown. How long will they be staying?” – Now we know it – thanks for the photo – hope you will have 7 weeks full of fun together!


  5. Sorry I’m behind too! Glad they made it to your home safely. Have fun the next seven weeks. Looks like Maia and Titan had a great time too. Glad they got in a swim 🙂


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