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“A little of this and a little of that and everything in between…


What a busy week…again!

I am slowly catching up on reading everyone’s blogs and responding to mine, so please bear with me Smile 

The show went very well last weekend. I have been working with Maia to get her past her show jitters for a little while now and it has paid off…she was awesome this past weekend. She was very calm and relaxed, she was even going up to people. I have been slowly introducing her to hard stacking and usually when I pick up her back foot to place it she holds it in the air and won’t put it down, but this time we were very successful with foot placement. She stood awesome for exam and seemed happy with some tail wags and ears up. Saturday we didn’t get a placement, disappointing but there are a lot of very nice Chessie’s here in Michigan so competition is tough. Sunday was a MUCH better day, she received Reserve Winners, (Reserve Winners The award given to the second place dog or bitch in the Winners class), this is the first time she has gotten this placement. I will try to post some photos tomorrow.

So this weekend we are going to the Kalamazoo KC show held on Sunday. Since I was only showing the one day I had intended on driving out that day and then home after we showed, however ring time is 8am which means I would have to be up and out the door by 5am. The more I thought about this the less appealing it sounded, so at the last minute I booked a cheap motel room. I figured I would use it as some Maia and Me time Winking smile Shhhh don’t tell Cheyenne and Riva, they aren’t going to be happy to find out they are staying home.

Well that’s it for now, so why don’t you hop in over to 2 Brown Dawgs grab the badge and join us for the hop.

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13 thoughts on “This ‘N That Thursday

  1. Collies are a free stacking breed, but there isn’t always time when the judge is walking down the line to make the final decision. So hand stacking is something we need to work on too.


  2. Thanks for participating in TNT. Congrats on RWB and good luck this weekend. The thing about Kalamazoo, it is just too far for us to drive there and back in one day and it would be on 94…ugg.


  3. Good luck on Sunday! Mica and I really miss dog shows. She loved going and staying in the motel with us, she loved meeting the other dogs and was so proud in the ring. Hope Maia starts to love it too:-)


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