Last Wednesday when my friend Ellen dropped Trail and Bitsy off, I left Cheyenne , Riva and Maia in my room until we had everything discussed and the dogs had a chance to say good bye to Ellen. Then I let my three out so everyone could become reacquainted, well I went in my room and discovered that my body pillow was off the bed so I figured the dogs just knocked it off. Oh no that is not what happened, a wonderful young dog decided that if I am going to leave her in a room loose she is going to make me regret that decision…

I was a tad upset with her so I had bagged everything up and put it on the porch, it wasn’t until that evening I thought “well there’s my Monday Mischief post”

So Flea you were right when you said ““Oh, she’s not sorry. She’d do it again in a heartbeat. ;)


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21 thoughts on “Monday Mischief ~ Pillow Explosion

  1. Who knows, maybe the pillow just spontaneously combusted? Or at least that’s what our dogs like to pretend happened when they hear us yell upon discovering a disemboweled pillow.


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