Today we are joining our friends Jodi over at Heart Like A Dog and her co-hostess JoAnn Stancer from Sand Spring Chesapeakes for Follow-up Friday, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.


Thanks Jodi!

Monday Mischief ~ The Sandal

There were so many great comments on this post but one really stuck out to me because it is soooo true Smile

FleaByte said

“Oh, she’s not sorry. She’d do it again in a heartbeat. ;)


Wordless Wednesday ~ Whose that doggie in the mirror?


I find it so interesting how dogs respond differently when they see their reflection in a mirror. Riva and Maia both were curious about the dog in the mirror the first time they noticed themselves but Cheyenne knew she was looking at herself.


This ‘N That Thursday


House Guests

Everyone is settling in very nicely! I have discovered that when Bitsy is hungry she gets vocal…veeerrrryyy vocal! Trail likes to carry on a conversation all the time, he is one happy boy!



Double or Double Marked Retrieve is actually two retrieves. The dog watches both birds fall, retrieves the first bird to hand and then goes to retrieve the other bird which is the “memory bird” since the dog must remember it while retrieving the first one.

Singles are just individually thrown birds and retrieves.

Titan has singles down and is working on doing doubles and casting! I can see great improvement in his obedience since last year. I am very proud of him and so grateful he has such a great trainer. You can check them out here.


Claudia Orlandi Seminar


Last February I attended Claudia Orlandi’s seminar on ABC’s of Dog Breedingand Practical Canine Anatomy and MovementI had previously taken the test for breeding and received my certificate from AKC; after the seminar I completed the test for anatomy and movement and finally got around to sending it in to Claudia to be corrected and as long as you have 80% or above she issues you a certificate also. Well I received my certificate today and I am happy to say I was well above 80%, yeah!!


Practical Canine Anatomy and Movement Certificate (1)


Well that wraps up our Friday, and Riva says keep smiling…

Chesapeake Bay Retriever ~ Riva Smiling

This is a BLOG HOP!!

So hop on over to Heart Like A Dog and Sand Spring Chesapeakes, grab the badge and join the fun!!

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20 thoughts on “Follow-up Friday April 26, 2013

  1. Lovely keep smiling picture! Love it! Great Follow up Friday. Congrats on your achievement and certificate, I should look into that as it would probably help me out a great deal with the dog showing. How did you get flea’s statement in color and highlighted. Do you have the free wordpress acct? I do and I can’t figure out how to use color words and I tried to use the blocked quote thing and I can’t get it to work. Thanks.


    1. Thanks JoAnn!

      I loved attending her seminars and doing the workbook exercises, they helped me a lot. I think you would enjoy it 🙂

      I do have free wordpress, however I do my posts using Windows Live Writer, Michelle told me about it. It is so user friendly and lets you do almost everything you can do in Word, hence the highlighted text and changing font colors. It also lets me watermark my photos, upload videos, etc. If you use Windows you probably have it too. When I need to add the linky tool I just post it to my blog as a draft, do what I have to do and then open it back up in live writer to make sure it still looks okay then I post it. It’s really cool because it keeps all your blog posts so you can find them anytime you want and correct or edit. Let me know if you have any questions about it.


        1. Oh my gosh, I found it on my computer and that is so easy. I love how easy the watermark is. Much easier then my coping and pasting in coral paintshop. I like the idea of it saving the blogs and I can work on it when not online. Thanks again.


        2. Isn’t it great! I have tried to use the date thing for posting automatically on a certain day and time but I think you have to have your computer on all the time for it to work. I love using this, I was so glad when Michelle told me about it. I’ve been using it since about a month after I started blogging. 🙂


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