Well I begin by giving Jodi a heart felt apology for not getting this particular post up much sooner. Jodi I want you to know how much I value your friendship! I look forward to the day that we may be able to meet in person but until then I know you are always in blogville.

You see back in November Jodi at Heart Like A Dog had a contest,Printcopia give away, to win an 8×10 canvas print. So I did the things required to enter and would you believe it…I won!! I was thrilled when Jodi contacted me to let me know and could not wait to order my print. I was immediately contacted by the representative from Printcopia with the directions on how to order my print. I have to tell you this site is awesome, not only do they do quality work but they are very quick, I had the print in less than a week after ordering. The hard part of the whole thing was deciding on what photo I would use so after hours and hours…not really…I decided on Cheyenne’s WD photo. I wanted something very special to remember this event and this print will be my special memento of not only her achieving her WD but that we won it from our very dear friend Jodi over at Heart Like A Dog. We here at Misty Shores thank you so much Jodi and here is the finished product.

Chesapeke Bay Retriever ~ Cheyenne Canvas Print (7)

Isn’t it beautiful!

Chesapeke Bay Retriever ~ Cheyenne Canvas Print (9)

 I had several choices for how I could have the side wrapped, so I decided to go with the mirrored wrap. I really like it, what do you think?


Now some of you may remember the Blogville calendar contest Blogville Calendar (6)Jodi had back in November(yes that is how far behind I am in blogging) to raise money to help out some of our canine friends in need while offering a wonderful calendar to the rest of us to purchase. Anyway we entered and came in 4th place which just so happens to be the month we were placed which just so happens to be my birth month…how great is that!! Blogville Calendar (1)

The calendar is beautifully done and I ended up buying two so I could give one to my very dearest friend for Christmas, and yes she loved it! Jodi did a follow up on the contest you can read here. I warn you it is very touching so you might want to have tissue handy. So again thank you so much Jodi for doing such a great job on both of your contests and we are glad to have been part of it!



Thanks 2 Brown Dawgs for letting us join you!


15 thoughts on “This ‘N That Thursday ~ Where Do I Begin…

  1. Awe Misty, you are so sweet! Thank you so much and might I say you picked an excellent picture!! I love, love, love looking at the one I chose. I do like the wrap sides on yours! I went with black which is still nice.

    I’ve enjoyed my calendar so much (Sampson and Delilah this month) and I’m so glad others are enjoying theirs as well. I’m looking forward to seeing your babies next month, which is my birth month as well. 😉

    Thanks so much for the beautiful post and welcome back my friend, I’ve missed you.


    1. You are more than welcome and I love my portrait. I thought yours was beautiful also.

      The calendar is great and my friend really like hers. Funny story, apparently calendars were the gift of choice for us. I received one from her also that has both of our dogs and her bird in it. She works for the Michigan HS and they do a calendar each year 🙂

      April is the best, what day are you?


  2. Thanks for participating in TNT. 🙂 I think the print came out great. You picked the perfect picture. I like the way the edges wrapped. Very nice. The calendar looks great too.


  3. That portrait is fantastic. Congrats. The calendar is cute too. I think I may have to make a DogDaz calendar next year so I have a memory a month.


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