Today all across America people are celebrating Thanksgiving, in other parts of the world people may be celebrating under a different name but this is a day to be thankful for family and friends, two and four legged and all that we are blessed with.

I think everyday should be a day of thanksgiving but with the hustle and bustle of every day life I for one sometimes forget to stop and give thanks for all that I have. The list of all that I am blessed with is endless; my family, friends, my wonderful animals, all of you in blogville, a job, a home, food, and the list goes on! For this I am most thankful!!

I hope we all can remember to give thanks everyday for all that we are blessed with; which is I’m sure more than some and less than others but it is being grateful for what we have and not what we want that is important!

So from our house to yours have a very blessed Thanksgiving and may you enjoy your time with family and friends today and everyday!!


24 thoughts on “Give Thanks

  1. Hi everyone,
    We hopped on over from Molly the Wally’s blog. She did a lovely post about you today. So it’s always fun to meet new furends. Hope you don’t mind that we sit and stay awhile and read some of your blog.

    Happy Holiday’s!

    Lily Belle & Muffin


  2. I’m terribly behind in visiting blogs, so I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and your pups gave you a chance to snooze in. 🙂 Enjoy the waning days of Autumn. The BIG DAY will be here before we are all ready.


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