Red (1)

This is Red, she is the farm dog where I go for training with the dogs. Red was a stray that my friends, Michelle and Dave found on the road many years ago and they brought her to the farm. She became Michelle’s grandpas dog, I guess I should back up a bit and tell you the farm was grandpas home. Red is like the mascot for the farm and for us when training, she always follows us out to any field we drive to and watches the other dogs and just hangs around. This past summer she followed us out but she would get a  ride back, she is an old girl and her legs just can’t make the trip there and back anymore, so Michelle would load her in “Tex” or I would give her a ride in my van. She is a very sweet dog and everyone who comes there to train that really knows her always brings her a treat!

Bunsy (5)

Making sure Bunsy is marking his bird Smile


Having a well deserved siesta while the other dogs work!

26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ The Farm Dog

  1. have nominated you as guest blog on My Share It Sunday spot. The post nominated is You don’t have to do anything just pop over and leave me a comment saying you’d like to take part and I will do the rest. You can check out my Share It Sundays on my archive on the right hand side. I am at Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly


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