Today we are joining 2 Brown Dawgs in This ‘N That Thursday!


Thanks 2 brown Dawgs for sharing your button

For those not familiar with it, this is what 2 Brown Dawgs says about This ‘N That Thursday,

“This ‘N That Thursday is for those times when you want to post about unrelated topics or each topic isn’t quite long enough to make up a whole post.  It can be anything you want, so feel free to grab the button and join us!”


Today we would like to start by giving out some awards, you can see the original post here for the instructions but feel free to break the rules, I know we do Winking smile

So here are the three we are awarding today





So in no particular order here are our picks:

Heart Like A Dog ~ The Life, Loves and Writings of Jodi Stone

Paws To Talk



Sand Spring Chesapeakes

Tylersat99’s Blog

The Lonely Dogs

My Brown Newfies

Monica’s Tangled Web

The (mis) Adventures of Sage

These bloggers all have the most wonderful blogs and if you haven’t visited before I encourage you to drop in on them!

Titan follow-up

It has been such a joy having Titan home and I have been trying to really soak up all of this boy I can because at the beginning of December he will be leaving for Tennessee to get more advanced training and maybe even some hunting. He will be gone for about six months unless I can’t stand it anymore and make a trip to get him…lol  But seriously, it does seem like a long time but I know it will go by quickly; he really loves his Uncle Dave and enjoys working so it will be a good thing for him. Who knows maybe he and I will get to go hunting next year Fingers crossed

Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Titan

This picture was taken with my phone so I have the glowing eyes but he does look so cute!

Well that’s all we have for today, be sure and check back tomorrow as we join Jodi Stone at Heart Like a Dog for Follow up Friday and we will have some more awards to give out too.

30 thoughts on “This ‘N That Thursday

      1. LOL I do that all the time on fb. I have been so bad about putting up posts lately, I think I have Jodi’s writer’s block 😉 I have plenty of stuff to post, just can’t seem to get it done.


  1. Wow thanks for the wonderful awards, I really appreciate them. I am really behind since John broke his arm and my tooth but I will post them as soon as I can. On Titan, I just don’t think I could take him being away for six months. I’m sure he will do great with his training, I would just miss him too much 🙂


    1. You are very welcome and deserve them!!

      I know what you mean about missing him but in the long run I will have a very well trained dog for hunting and then he will be home for good 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for the awards, we are honored!! I will make sure to add them and a link back to your page to our awards page first thing tomorrow!!! Thank you again, and enjoy your time with Titan, it must be so special having him home.


    1. I know Bassa but then he will be all done with his training and be home for good and I will have many many years to enjoy him 🙂


    1. Your welcome, I love reading your blog and seeing all the photos of the dogs. And I have to say Gambler is a crack up!! I really think he is sending his mischief vibe over here to Maia 😉
      I am too, I keep thinking how long he will be gone but then I tell myself it will go by quickly and then he will be home for good as a very well trained hunting dog!


  3. Aw Misty, how can you stand to have your boy away that long? I know I couldn’t bear it. 😦

    Do you hunt? I’ve recently taken up shooting but I’m fairly certain I couldn’t shoot an animal.

    And finally thank you so much for sharing these awards with me, it is a wonderful family that we have here in blogville. Definitely full of love and admiration. Great job!


    1. First you are very welcome and deserve many more!! I could not agree more about the blogville family we have 🙂
      I have not started hunting yet but am trying to work towards that so next year Titan and I can hunt together. I used to be that way about shooting animals and still am about deer but I will have no problem shooting duck or geese, if I can hit them that is…lol I guess maybe because they won’t be looking at me when I pull the trigger and that deer just might be, although I do love venison.
      I will miss him terribly but in the long run he will be a much better dog for it and while he is gone I am concentrating on Maia and the training I want to try to accomplish with her and she can have my undivided attention. I asked my friend if he would let Titan Skype with me and he just laughed at me…I think he thought I was joking…LOL


        1. I will work on him, I think it would be kind of interesting to see Titans reaction 😉


  4. Oh, Misty! Thank you so much! I have been so busy lately with several projects that I almost missed this post. How lovely, how exciting. I thank you profusely! And, Titan does look cute. The glowing eyes are just in time for Halloween!


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