New Collar (4)


34 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ The New Collar

  1. Many a nylon collar have been lost to dogs who mistake them for edible accessories or decide to take revenge. Great photo!


  2. OH Titan you little Stinker. He never chewed on his other collar while he was with us. I think he is telling you he needs more exercise. Remember a tired puppy makes a good puppy. 😉


    1. LOL he has been getting exercise but I think he must have been scratching and got it off in the middle of the night and figured hmm I must be supposed to chew this. He hasn’t bothered the other one but it snaps tighter than the black one. I weighed him today and he is at 76 pounds and Cory (vet tech) couldn’t believe how much he has grown since she saw him last.


  3. Wow such a pretty collar and not going to work now. I can even see the name on the buckle. Lexie will chew least sometimes while eating to go, but never had one who chewed a collar. Sorry, it looked so good on him too:(


    1. Your secret is safe with me!! Maybe a glittery, rhinestone, purple or pink one, a girl needs her bling you know 😉


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