Yesterday was a very special day…I picked Titan up from my friends. My friend Dave asked if I wanted to do any training first, so I said sure, thinking that would help work off some of Titan’s exuberance…NOT! He was so excited that he fooled around with the bird when he returned so for a reward for his misbehavior he got a bath Winking smile I couldn’t really be mad about it he is such a great boy and he knew he was going home, I don’t know how but, he knew.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Titan (4)

I wasn’t sure if he would remember how to be a house dog but he has been great, he is soaking up all the lovin’s from everyone and when in the house he will lay next to whoever is seated to get belly rubs and then just chew on his bone.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Titan (13)

We’re playing a little musical dogs right now because Maia is in season and they are both so confused why they can’t play together. Last night she stood at the bedroom door pawing at it because she knew he was on the other side, won’t be much longer because she is almost half way through.

I took him for a nice long walk last night for a little bonding time and to help tire him out, he did great on lead and we worked on our “wait”, “sit” and “okay” at every street and railroad crossing…note to self buy better walking shoes! It must have done the trick because he slept like a baby!!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Titan (20)

What’s that over there

Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Titan (8)

It’s good to have my boy home!!

28 thoughts on “Homecoming!

  1. He is so handsome. Glad you got him back homem it’s always nice when they have been away at training and they come home. Enjoy!


  2. It’s inspiring to see Titan surrounded with people who loves him and makes sure he feels really at home. He is a joy to watch and your narratives makes us feel the welcoming warmth of being around your family. Have a great week.


  3. Misty, he is such a gorgeous boy, while it’s true I do favor boys with his coloring 😉 I have to say he is so, so handsome! I bet he is so glad to be home and I bet you are glad to have him home too. 🙂 Enjoy your cuddles.


    1. Thank you Jodi!

      I think he turned out very nice and he has a wonderful temperament to match. I love all chessie’s coloring but this is my favorite color. There is just something so striking to the eye about it! Funny, he looks just like his father and one day my friend Dave (owner of Albert the dad) had to take a double take because he had them confused 😉


  4. What a wonderful homcoming to a very happy boy. He looks very fit and handsome and so glad to be home. Sorry he can’t see his sister, but this way he got all the coming home attention. Now seeing his sister will be very special too. I know you are thrilled to have him home, enjoy 🙂


    1. Very thrilled, although I did see him every week it isn’t the same as having him home. Plus the rest of the family really missed him and didn’t get to see him the whole time he was gone.

      He is a very fit boy, all muscle 🙂


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