Frog (2)

Found on the side of my house after I removed some grape vines.

30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Hello Mr. Frog

    1. Actually he is the first one I have ever seen like this, I found him to be very interesting. He was actually turning his body and looking for a new spot as I was working on that side of the house, I have never seen a frog move like that. I am a little partial to frogs, my whole bathroom has a frog collection 🙂


    1. Thanks!

      I knew he was some type of tree frog but honestly I did not know we had them in Michigan. I can’t believe I have never seen one before. I told Jodi he was kind of cool because he moved his body differently than the regular frogs I usually see, hard to explain. Thanks for the link, I will have to add it to fb photos.


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