Chesapeake Bay Retriever~Cheyenne WD

New Working Dog

Ro-Lyns Cheyenne Mtn Dreams WD

Loved by Tina Cox & Robin Zerbst

CH Tealwaters Timberdoodle Song X CH Ro-Lyns Mtn Dreams Echoing

This certification means a lot to me as this was a title that required a great deal of determination not only by me but Cheyenne as well. We started participating in field work three years ago when Cheyenne was six years old and it was a very rocky beginning since both of us had no clue what we were doing. However, with the dedication and guidance of our good friends David and Michelle Keehn of Dusty Rose Chessie’s who worked diligently with us for many weeks we finally figured it out, and now Cheyenne lives to retrieve her birds! So a big thank you to Dave and Michelle, without you we would never have achieved this.


This is the photo and text I submitted to the ACC, my national breed club for the next bulletin, I figured since this title is kind of a big deal for me and Cheyenne she also deserved a blog post all her own.

22 thoughts on “Cheyenne’s WD

  1. Congratulations Misty! That is a big pat on the back for you and Cheyenne! I love photos of dogs with their ribbons and you picked a beautiful spot to showcase Cheyenne. She is beautiful and looks awesome with her ribbon!!


  2. Congratulations Cheyenne, what a great job you did and how pretty you look with your beautiful ribbon. I know Mom is so proud of you and hopefully of herself for working together and achieving your goal:-)


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