Just a little update on training, Titan continues to progress and is doing quite nicely, Cheyenne has improved from a few weeks ago and is gung ho for the birds as usual! This past week some of the dogs had to work on doubles and a blind. The doubles were hand thrown birds (dead flyers) and all the dogs did these but the blind was only for the *Senior Hunting (SH) dogs and it was placed behind the gunner, which can be difficult for some dogs. The blind bird is placed in an area in the field without the dog being able to see it or mark it as we call it then the handler has to literally handle the dog; giving directions by hand signals to the dog in the field so they can get to the bird, you can read about handling here 

Okay this is my first attempt at Paint, and it is no where as good as 2 BrownDawgs but it gives you an idea of our set up for the day. The two orange x’s represent the bird throwers, me and my friend Michelle, the red x is the handler and the dog and then the duck is the planted blind. We each threw our birds in the direction of the white dashed line one at a time and the dog had to mark (commit to memory) these birds so they could pick them up when sent by the handler. The few dogs that had to do the blind did this retrieve after picking up the memory birds.

training diagram


So that’s it for now!


*Senior Hunting Tests consist of double marked retrieves, and relatively simple blind retrieves on land and water, as well as honoring the retrieve of another competitor.

22 thoughts on “Training Update

  1. The amazing adventure gets more exciting by the day. Someone, I get to feel what it’s like to have a adorable , dependable dog by your side . A friend who is loyal and lights up your day! Have a great weekend.


  2. Well I think that’s a pretty darn good drawing and I absolutely LOVE the duck! πŸ™‚

    It sounds like you’ve got two great hunting dogs raring to go. I look forward to hearing more stories. And more drawings please!


  3. I love watching the dogs train. I was going to say that I would probably run off with the duck, but I wouldn’t really. I’d bring it back so someone could toss if for me again.


    1. Thank you!!

      Wow I didn’t realize Gambler was already at senior level, but of course I am just getting in to all of the hunt test stuff. I swear sometimes I think there is more to know than conformation πŸ™‚ I sometimes send my posts over to my trainer to look at first just to make sure I have it right πŸ˜‰


  4. I must say Misty that reading your posts on Titan’s progression is like watching my favorite tv show. Each episode is better than the last and you can’t wait ’till next week.


  5. I think you did great job on the drawing especially for me and I am really enjoying following Titan’s learning. Since I know nothing about hunting I’m kind of learning with Titan, tho I’m sure he will learn much better than I will:-)


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