Please take a moment to read Savannah’s post regarding the Caboodle Ranch trauma that so many poor unfortunate kitties suffered but are now being cared for by great people and are ready for adoption.

Savannah's Paw Tracks

Hiya Furriends!! Savannah here!

As some of you may know, I was accepted months ago as a full member of the Twitter Whiskas Liberation Front (#WLF), with all rights and privileges. We have a code of conduct and my post today is in keeping with a part of that code:

“The WLF will use social media channels to oppose any injustice anywhere in the world whatever species those affected might belong to”

I am not opposing an injustice today, but I am asking all of you to help me make right an awful wrong committed against hundreds of my feline brethren…

I have something very impawtant to tell you about…and I ask that any of you who are willing to…PLEASE REBLOG THIS INFORMATION.

We anipal bloggers have an opportunity to help hundreds of cats who are survivors of the trauma known as the CABOODLE RANCH SANCTUARY.


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        1. I will take a look, however I feel in this particular case they seemed to have stepped up and are trying to get these animals re-homed which is really the most important thing.

          As far as donating money I only donate to my local shelters and to Chessie rescue so I know what my money is being used for and I always encourage others to donate locally 🙂


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I regret that you have all had bad experiences with HSUS and ASPCA. I only know that ASPCA has helped this particular group of cats and hope they are successful in placing as many as possible. again, thank you, Savannah


    1. Yes it is regrettable that HSUS and PETA are not who they portray themselves to be however I do agree with you for this instance it seems that the ASPCA has stepped up and is trying to help these poor animals.

      I personally only donate to my local shelters and of course to Chesapeake rescue and I do encourage everyone to always donate to their local shelters, then your money is immediately available to help. With that being said in this instance it if my re-blogging your post helps only one animal then it is worth it. So you are very welcome Savannah, it was my pleasure 🙂


      1. awww…thank you…we are a family who donates every year for last 25 years at year end…all the money we would have spent on Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc. gifts..long ago Mom and Dad realized that they did not need all those silly gifts to each other, and that all their family members needed to either donate the money they spent on Auntie and Uncle or use it for themselves…and Mom and Dad have mostly given to small, local or elsewhere, animal rescue organizations, then they send cards to tell all family and friends that a donation has been given in that person(s) name. They also asked all family and friends to cease giving them gifts…rather donate or use for themselves.

        They stopped years ago giving to ASPCA and HSUS because those are such huge organizations and our donation is big for us, but small to minuscule to those groups. So we focus on small…direct contribution to the care and adoption of animals. Long story, and long response to your comment, but thank you ever so much for helping with this particular effort. So many cats and kittens…with so little time…sigh…paw pats, Savannah


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