This last week Dave (Titan’s trainer) showed me what they had been working on the last couple of days; three handed casts. Dave started with three piles of bumpers, one to the left, one to the right and one straight out, sorry I didn’t think to get photos of the set up before they began, I was too excited to see my boy work! I did get this one though so you have an idea…

Bumper pile

Casts are simply put “handling” What you are teaching the dog is to run or swim in the direction of your hand signals. I have to say I was so impressed with Dave and Titan I just kept shooting photos! Dave keeps it short and simple and uses repetition so the dog gets the idea and keeps the idea, you know what they say practice makes perfect!

They did a left over cast, sending Titan to the bumper pile to the left, notice Dave is simply signaling with his left hand straight out to his side…

Left Over Cast

That is a whistle Dave is using, one blast and the dog is supposed to sit and wait for his cast (direction) to be given. This is very effective when your dog is out in the field for long or blind marks so you can stop them and handle your dog to the bird.

Good Boy

Then they did right over casts, sending Titan to the bumper pile on the right I didn’t get a photo of Dave giving the cast but it’s just the opposite of the left over cast…

Pick up from right cast

Nice return

Then Titan was sent on what is called a cast back, sending your dog straight away from you, these can be a little more difficult to teach but this boy nailed it considering they had only been working on casts for a couple of days.



Back Cast

Rearing to go

He's off

He’s off

Picking up bumper

That’s it

Good Retrieve

Here I come

Good Boy (2)


All of this took place in approximately 15 minutes, you don’t want to work too long as most dogs will become bored, and you always want to end on a positive note.

I bet you thought by the title I was going to talk about broken bones Winking smile


25 thoughts on “Three Handed Casts

  1. You always have such great pictures. Because of this it might be an idea to put a descriptive title on each photograph rather than leave it as DSCN1951 for example. By doing this, it will enable them to be picked up in Google searches.


  2. I totally was expecting to see someone in a cast. I was like “oh no! who broke what?” Glad to hear everyone is fully intact! Great pictures!


    1. He is and I am so pleased with him. No WD this time around for him, talked it over with Dave and since my long term goals with him are his hunting titles Dave suggests I hold off for now on the WD so we don’t take the chance of Titan developing any bad habits.


  3. I was really wondering what a three handed cast could possibly be!! Now I understand and Titan is doing a great job and still looks like he is enjoying. I knew he was very smart and he’s fun to watch even if in pictures 🙂


    1. Thank you! He is having a great time and really loves to work plus he loves his Uncle Dave so he works hard to please him.

      When I first titled the post I had Titan’s name in there but after some thought took it out because I knew that would be a give away to the post and I wanted to see if I could peek some interest 😉


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