My post today is inspired by Monica over at Monica’s Tangled Web, she writes beautifully with wit, humor and sincerity. She has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel “Henry” so if you haven’t given her a look hop over and dive in. A few weeks ago she started doing some posts of the sites around where she lives so it got me to thinking what a great idea, it gives the readers a little glimpse inside your world, so here is a small glimpse into my cute little town called Durand.

I have lived here a little over eight years, the thing that drew me here is it’s small town atmosphere. One of those places where almost everyone knows everyone else and quite a lot of people I know have lived here for many many years.

Durand is a railroad community and still has a functioning station, Durand Union Station, you can catch the Amtrak here. DSCN1730

The station is filled with history and as a matter of fact it is considered a Michigan Historical site.

Durand Union Station

photo from

On August 7, 1903 there was a train wreck involving the Wallace Circus, more than twenty people were killed as well as some of the circus animals.

photo from

photo from


It is said the wreck was caused due to faulty air breaks, you can read more about the story here


There was also another train wreck on June 5, 1923 near Durand,


you can read more here

Although there have been some tragedies over the years the station stands strong and is quite beautiful!



I live in town just a couple of blocks from the station so when all is very quiet and still I can here the trains rumble down the tracks with their rhythmic sound of steel on steel, I find it to be a very comforting sound and it brings back many childhood memories.

You can read a brief history about the station here

Inside the station is a wonderful museum with tons of artifacts. I hope you enjoy the slideshow!


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