Went out to visit with Titan last Thursday; he is doing wonderful and is always so excited to see me and this time my brother was able to go with me. Titan is supposed to be his dog but I had to rub it in when he ran to me to get his lovins first; but you know what they say about pay backs…as soon as the ducks came out I was history! This was actually his first day on ducks and I was so impressed with my boy, yes MY BOY!! I forgot my camera so I took pictures with my phone and they turned out horribly blurry but here are a few that will have to do.

2012-07-19_17-12-37_1442012-07-19_17-13-08_7182012-07-19_17-13-14_8462012-07-19_17-13-25_455 Getting his lovins from Uncle Dave for a job well done Smile


Got a little training in with Cheyenne and I do mean little! She was acting like a big silly girl, you would have thought she had never done this before. So hopefully this week will be better.

I also visited the new momma Chemmy and her babies…oh the puppy breath Open-mouthed smile I will try to remember the camera this week so I can get pictures, they are adorable.


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